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Lucky Falls

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Have you ever made a wish and dropped a coin into a waterfall? Enjoy doing so on Lucky Falls Game at Kitty Bingo. It is an instant-win game by IGT coming with a lovely design. Drop your coins into the waterfall to see if it is lucky for you! The action actually takes place in the lush green landscape of Ireland. Enjoy this game on a PC, mobile or tablet.

The waterfall on Lucky Falls Game sits beneath a colourful rainbow and butterflies flap their wings when they hover on the grassy banks. At the bottom of your screen, find 6 wooden buckets each marked by a clover of a different colour. There is a massive pot of gold in the centre. Your aim is to drop 7 coins over the waterfall and if 3 of them land in the same bucket, you win.


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Main Features and Stakes

On Lucky Falls Game, enjoy an Instant Win Bonus round if your coin drops into the treasure pot in the centre of the screen. During the bonus round, you are presented with gemstones. Click on one of them to reveal a random cash prize. As you may have noticed, it is very easy and does not require any special skills!

Symbols you can come across during your gameplay on Luck Falls Game are mainly clovers of different colours and coins. Start the game by selecting one of the following ticket prices: 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. With a 50p ticket, the maximum payout is £1,000, whereas a £10 ticket awards you with up to £150,000. After your choice is made, a waterfall is displayed on the screen. In the cascading water, you can see rows of rocks. Click on “Drop” to drop the gold coins from the top of your screen which bounces off the rocks to fall into the buckets at the bottom.

You are provided with 7 coins which represent 7 chances. The different prize amounts are listed as per the colour of the buckets. Do you want to speed things up? Click on “Auto Play” to enjoy a number of automatic rounds. Anytime during the game, you can click on Stop to cancel this option. Your aim is to drop at least 3 coins in the same bucket to win the corresponding prize.

Fun Facts

Do you know the tallest waterfall in the world? It is Angel Falls in Venezuela which is 3212 feet high! During summer, its water turns into mist before it reaches the bottom due to the heat. Other spectacular waterfalls can be seen in various countries, such as the Niagara Falls in North America, Tugela Falls in South Africa or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Admire an equally lovely waterfall on Lucky Falls Game!

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