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    Feel like playing a bingo game? Look no further we have a great selection for you to choose from and enjoy. At Kitty Bingo we do our very best to keep you entertained with wonderful promotions, progressive jackpots, the much loved 90 ball and the fun 75 ball games as well as many more exciting and innovative extras.

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    90 Ball
    75 Ball

    Progressive Jackpots


    At Kitty Bingo you can enjoy our 90 ball progressive jackpot called Kitty Cash which you can win on a Full House win. Have a go at it and you could be our next big bingo progressive winner.

    Chat Games

    Chat Games

    Adding more punch to the mix, all our hosted rooms offer a range of lively chat games. These games run in the chat panel alongside the bingo games while they are playing. Kitty’s friendly chat moderators (CMs) will explain to you which game is being played and how to win – prizes can be anything from Kitty bonus points to free bingo cards or free spins on our great instant games – so try your luck and join in the fun!

    Terms and Conditions

    1. You must have deposited within 7 days to participate in the Chat Games.
    2. Chat games will be initiated if there are at least 3 funded players with a ticket in the game.
    3. Have at least 3 tickets in the Bingo Game to play the Chat Games.
    4. Win 1000 points per Chat Game on top of your Bingo winnings, unless specified otherwise.
    5. Chat Games are played at the end of a Bingo game unless specified otherwise.
    6. Only winners of the Full House (90 Ball) or the Pattern (75 Ball) are eligible to play the Chat Games, unless specified otherwise.
    7. Where specified, only your first answer will count to win a Chat Game.
    8. When a player has to give the answer, it should be written correctly. Caps not necessary.
    9. Where specified, wait for the Chat Host to shout “CG is on” to play the Chat Games.
    10. A player can win up to 3 Chat Games during the same hour and in the same room.
    11. Chat Games will be played at the discretion of the company
    12. Consider CG for Chat Game, CH for Chat Host and CM for Chat manager.
    13. Chat Host decision is final.
  • Game Extras

    Kitty Bingo has many game extras to offer you a unique gaming experience. Check out the full list of game extras you can take advantage of so you don’t miss a thing:

    90 Ball
    75 Ball

    Click on the titles for more info.


    When you enter a bingo room, look out for these icons to see which special features are on offer.

    Hover over the icon to reveal the description:


    extras This 90 ball bingo game offers a progressive jackpot – get a Full House in 37 calls or less and it’s yours
    extras Sale running – cut price bingo cards up for grabs in this room.
    extras Linked game – this game may be featured on our other networks too.
    extras Prebuy game – Players can buy cards for this game right away. This means that even if you don’t login on the date/time of the game you’ll still be in it!
    extras The prize of the game is something other than prize money, for example a physical gift or a voucher

    Zoom in

    Make your bingo cards as big or small as you wish. Underneath the “buy now” button of each game you will see magnifying glasses extraswhich will allow you to zoom in or out, making your cards larger or smaller. Find the right size for you and enjoy the game!


    extrasTurns the sound on and off

    Live Help


    You can get assistance 24 hours a day by clicking on this icon. It will open the Live Help window and you will be able to chat with one of our friendly support agents.

    Option Menu


    This menu allows you to customize some features, such as game and sound options, choose an avatar or turn on/off the quick deposit option.



    By clicking on the “Mutliplay” tab you are able to check on upcoming games that you are interested in, play in different rooms at the same time, and switch between games that you’re involved in. As soon as a game has started and you hold cards for that game, you can click ‘Jump to game’ to go directly to the game – easy peasy!


    As soon as you’ve bought cards, the orange box (above) will change colour and you will see the calls being displayed and alerts when you have 3 or less numbers left to cover.

    If you do not want to make use of this option, you can remove it by going to the options menu and disabling it.

    My Results

    You can see the results of the last 10 games you had cards for. It will display all the winners one after the other.


    If you do not want to make use of this option, you can remove it by going to the options menu and disabling it.

    Bingo Callers

    There is a great selection of bingo callers – choose your fave! Go to the options menu under the category “Sound” and select from Geordie, Jenny, Cockney, Connery or Caine. You can change as often as you like….mix it up!

    Quick Deposit

    If you click on the “deposit” button in the lobby you will open the quick fund option. Select the amount you wish to deposit using the cursor, select your bonus if you wish to receive one and click on green deposit button.


    In the options menu, you can select whether to see the quick fund option or not, and at which time it should appear.

    Mini Games

    You can play slot games in a mini format whilst not missing a moment of your bingo game. Simply choose a game from the Mini Games selection located above the chat panel, and play.


    Free Spins


    We love giving you free spins on our slots! Players can access their free spins from the Free spins tab in the lobby and spin away.

    No Limits Bingo

    No Limits Bingo games have jackpots that grow and grow …there are no limits!
    There are three different No Limits Bingo games: one daily, one weekly and one monthly. Each room can be accessed from the No Limits tab, in the lobby. These are prebuy games, so you can access the No Limits Bingo rooms via the lobby and get your cards now!


    Free Cards

    Every so often we will treat you to free bingo cards! These will be shown by a different colour when you log into the corresponding game.

    Last Number Called

    To make life easier, we have coloured the last number called out in yellow.



    Choose and change the look of your avatar in the options menu as many times as you wish! Which kitty do you want to be?


  • 75 Ball Bingo  

    75 Ball Card

    The pattern bingo game where each game has a different pattern. Prices for a ticket vary from Free to £1. The cards have 25 squares in the form of a square – five vertical and five horizontal rows. All the squares of the 75 ball bingo card (except for the centre square which says FREE) display a number between 1 and 75. To win the game you will need to complete the given pattern which is showing on your card. When a game is over it will inform players what the next shape will be.


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    90 Ball Bingo  

    90 Ball Card

    The traditional bingo game in the UK. Ticket prices range from Free to £1. The cards have three rows and nine columns in the form of a rectangle. Each row has five numbers and therefore each card has 15 numbers. The aim of the game is to be the first one in the room to obtain 1 line, 2 lines or a Full house, this gives you three great chances to be a winner.

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    Lobby and Game Layout




    Entering the Bingo Game

    Below you can see the breakdown of the game window


    Once the game has started the game client will look like this:

  • Kitty Cash 90 Ball Jackpot

    Kitty Jackpot

    Each time you play in a 90 ball Bingo room linked to a progressive jackpot, denoted by the (90 Ball Card) Extras icon, a small part of the ticket you bought will contribute to the big 90 ball progressive jackpot. During every 90 ball game you can be the lucky person to win the constantly growing 90 ball jackpot.


    How to win the 90 ball progressive jackpot?

    Bingo on a Full House in 37 calls or less and the jackpot will be yours.

    Win Type Bingo In # Calls Current Jackpot Amount
    Full House 37 calls or less

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