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Play Online Slingo At Kitty Bingo

Kitties! Do you like to play slots and bingo? We are proud to announce that you can now play slingo. We have a collection of top Slingo games to enjoy! As you know, this is both Bingo and Slots combined. At Kitty Bingo, we offer only the best games to our players and Slingo is one of them! 

Slingo comes with diverse variations. Some are more like a slot and others Slingo bingo-style. You will find bingo grids and reels that display symbols. While some come with a little extra spice. You can always check out our online bingo site! Feel free to register at the site to begin your Slingo adventure.

Play Slingo Online!

Play Slingo games come with a 5x5 Board that looks like a bingo ticket! This includes numbers and symbols. You need to spin the reels and match the numbers that land on your screen to the card on top! This will award you a prize. You will get only 10 spins to do it! Slingo has always been a hit for both physical slot machines and online casinos. The providers have always aimed to create the best games and there will be more and more to play games! Are you ready to play slingo?

Online Slingo Is Full Of Surprises!

We have introduced a collection of Slingo games at Kitty Bingo! It comes with lots of innovation, top-quality graphics, and not to forget FUN! We made sure that each game will meet your expectations. That’s because Slingo Originals began adding themes to their games! Check them out at Kitty Bingo!

There are always new games where you can play slingo, games such as Slingo Xxxtreme ! Other top-notch games you will find:

Rainbow Riches Slingo: This game will take you to the Emerald Isle! Yes, you will meet the cute little Leprechauns and see majestic rainbows! Well, we all know what they say about the end of Rainbow! Who knows what you might find there! The game also comes with Bonuses!

Starburst: This game will take you to space! Play slingo with Starburst Slingo you will find yourself among virtual Stars! This game comes in a 5x5 grid and gorgeous gemstones! Instant prizes are won during this game. You will be awarded 10 spins on the reels which only adds to the game.

Monopoly Slingo: We all love this game? Well, kitties, now we have Monopoly Slingo! With this game, you will gather a full set of properties and some prizes! All the fun elements of the game are here in this top slingo games.

Slingo Carnival: Who is up for a virtual carnival at Kitty Bingo? This game comes with mini-games and much more… The 5X5 grid is waiting for you at Kitty Bingo. Are you ready to join the carnival for some extra fun?

Slingo Bonus Is A Thing!

You will find bonus symbols in Slingo games, this will help you improve your game and you will be able to complete your lines! The bonuses are the Joker and Super Joker! These are similar to Wilds on slot games! The joker will let you mark off any number on the grid and the Super Joker comes with a twist… When you land it, this will discard all the examples of a number or icon on the whole grid.

Register To Play Online Slingo On Your Device!

Kitties, you can play slingo or play online bingo on the site. Kitty Bingo is a platform with over 600 online games on any iOS and Android device, it has a Responsive Adaptive Design, to help you play anytime and anywhere you want! Are you ready for Slingo?

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