The era of pharaohs and pyramids is one of the most fascinating and marking parts of the ancient world history. The early Egyptian civilisation has puzzled many archaeologists and still holds many secrets that are left to be discovered. Many leading slot providers have capitalised on the enormous interest of players on the ancient Egyptian culture to develop numerous Egyptian Slots introducing high paying features.

Cats were highly respected in the era of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians prayed to a cat goddess called Bastet, she was half woman and half feline. She was the main god worshipped in northern Egypt. Players have a wide choice when it comes to picking their favourite Egyptian Slot at Kitty Bingo – the free bonus slots bingo site. Some of the most popular Egyptian themed slots at Kitty Bingo include Temple of Isis slot, The Lost Slot of Riches slot, Lady of Egypt slot and Tutankhamun slot. These games come with numerous features such as Free Spins, Bonus Round, Click Me features and more.

Kitty Bingo is known for offering a wide selection of online slots covering a wide number of themes such as Food and Fruits, Movie and Adventure, Animals and Nature, Magic and Myth, etc. You can also make your selection by picking the exclusive slots, new slots, or featured slots by going on the ‘Themes’ category under the ‘Slots by Type’ Filter.

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