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Word Candy

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Get ready to jump into a new gameplay! Word Candy is an instant win scratch card game that has been designed by Core Gaming and it can be played at Kitty Bingo. This game is themed on chocolate and cake. Your aim while playing Word Candy Scratch card is to find letters to form words within a unique crossword grid. This is set against a purple backdrop. On the right side of the reels, you will discover chocolate squares where 27 letters are hidden. On the left-hand side of the reel, you will find a paytable.


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Main Features and Stakes

Once Word Candy Scratch card is loaded, you will find a tutorial explaining how the game is played. You can press on the ‘Buy Card’ button to start a new game. This will lead you to the game screen where you will find a crossword grid and a chocolate bar panel with a letter in each chocolate square. On a new game, your aim is to select 18 chocolate squares that will reveal a letter. This will appear on the matching letters on the crossword grid. The total of 27 hidden letters are spread across three cards. Ready to play this type of Scratch card online game at Kitty Bingo?

Out of these 27 chocolate squares, you can only select 18 of them. You can use the Auto Pick mode to automatically divulge 18 chocolate squares. When a letter matches a word on the crossword grid, it will automatically start filling the grid. This is how revealed letters are activated. You are awarded a prize per the paytable for 3 or more fully activated words. During the 18 picks, if you are unable to fill a minimum of 3 words fully, the game will end.

A Golden Ticket can randomly appear on Word Candy's display and award you a guaranteed win of 10x your card value when you click on the ‘Buy Card’ button. Watch out for cherries when picking the letters, as 3 collected cherries will lead you to the Bonus feature once you have completed your picks. The Bonus screen consists of a lollipop and a tasty looking three tier cake. On each cake, you will find a word made of 5, 6, and 7 letters. You will be prompted to click on the lollipop for 3 letters to spill out and fill in the matching letters found in the words on the cake tiers. Any filled word will award the bonus value of the tiers where it is found. You will get to press on the lollipop 3 times. The Bonus feature can also be activated on a game where no win is awarded on the crossword grid.

The stake value on this game is fixed to £3 for each game played, and this cannot be modified. The stake value is displayed at the bottom right corner of the scratch card.

Fun Facts

The Scratchcard game has been existing since 1974 and was created by John Koza. The goal was to start a new type of product which was close to the lottery. Looks like it was a success! However, the emergence of online Scratchcard games only came in 2010.

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Did you enjoy your time on this game? Play Word Candy Scratchcard at Kitty Bingo for more entertainment! Packed with a bonus round, this game comes with many surprises.



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