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Roulette Games at Kitty Bingo

Are you looking to spin the wheel? At Kitty Bingo, you will find the best assortment of roulette games for you kitties! Through the years, roulette has never lost its charm and it remains one of the most popular games nowadays. And, at the kittysome site- Kitty Bingo, you can enjoy a few rounds of this game anytime. The selection of games you have is Roulette Core Gaming, Double Bonus Spin Roulette and European Roulette Realistic. These games are playable on either a mobile phone, tablet or laptop; thus, you can spin the wheel anytime you’re ready!

If you are new to the world of online roulette, that’s not a problem! When it comes to online roulette games, the rules are more or less the same on different variations of the same game. Even if there’s a slight difference, it might simply be based on the number of pockets or the table. The main objective while playing this game is to correctly guess where the roulette ball will land, and if the right guess is made, you’re THE winner!

But do you know how this game was created? There are many historians who argue that roulette games originally began in ancient Greece. But as a matter of fact, it was developed by Frenchman, Blaise Pascal, in the 18th century. The well-known mathematician and philosopher were trying to make a perpetual motion machine in 1955. And by pure mistake, he created one of the most popular casino game! We can say that this accidental invention is a blessing for gamblers!

In fact, the word “roulette” means little wheel in French, which justifies it. It was only as of the 19th century that the number 0 was added to the wheel. It is believed that two Frenchmen named Francois and Lois Blanc added the zero to the wheel when they were designing a roulette wheel for King Charles. It was purely done to make the house edge better. After having influenced the American culture, another zero was added to the wheel. However, it is only in the 2000s that this game was introduced to online casinos.

Before you start a game of online roulette at Kitty Bingo, let’s see how this game works. In theory, the way this game works is the same everywhere. As the roulette wheel starts to spin, a ball is dropped into it, and it begins to spin in the reverse direction. There are two variations of popular roulette and these are European Roulette and American Roulette. On European Roulette, there are 37 pockets which vary from 0 to 36 while on American Roulette, there are 38 pockets which include 0 and 00.

To stake a bet on online roulette games, the first step is to pick your chip value on the table. You then have to place it on either a group of numbers or on single numbers, depending on your intuition. All bets should be made before the wheel is activated. You can also make outside bets which means better on Column, Dozens, Odd or Even, or Red or Black. You may even get some roulette bonus!

A typical game of roulette also consists of different bets such as Inside, Outside and Neighbour. When it comes to inside bets, these have a bigger payout as the odds of winning are much lower when compared to outside bets. When placing an inside bet on online roulette games, the odds of winning vary from 1-1 to 35-1.

When it comes to a single bet, you have to stake your chips on a singular number. A split bet means betting on any two numbers at the same time. As for the street bet, this is when you bet on three numbers which make a horizontal line. The corner bet refers to a stake placed at an intersection of any four numbers. And finally, placing your stake on two adjacent street bet is known as the Six Line Bet.

For more enjoyment, you can make use of the racetrack by placing a neighbour bet. This means that you place your stake in a group of numbers which appears on the roulette wheel. The different types of neighbour bets are Voisins du Zero- Betting on eight numbers which appear on each side of the zero, Tiers du cylinder or Orphelins. Just a simple click on the labelled racetrack will allow you to place your bet.

At the kitty-licious bingo site, Kitty Bingo, you can enjoy the top variations of online roulette games. The betting options are massive and adapted to every budget! So, what are you waiting for? Register at Kitty Bingo and let the roulette wheel spin for you! Roulette Games are only available to Gold Level + players. 

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