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Which Christmas Character are you?

During this time of the year, there is only one question to ask yourself! Which Christmas Character am I? Are you a naughty girl or boy? A mean Mr Grinch, or a Happy Little Elf! Take our test and answer our simple questions and find out which seasonal character you could unlock!

  1. What Christmas movie do you love the most?

      a) Home Alone

      b) A Christmas Carol

      c) Love Actually

      d) I just watch TV


      2. How do you get into the Christmas Spirit?

      a) Play Christmas Music nonstop

      b) Go Christmas shopping

      c) Invite the family around

      d) Nah, I don’t do Christmas


      3. What is the first thing you do on Christmas morning?

      a) Stay in bed

      b) Wake everyone up

      c) Open presents before breakfast

      d) Play Christmas music


      4. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

      a) Getting presents

      b) Christmas Music

      c) Christmas Dinner

      d) Not having to go to work


      4. When do you begin writing your Christmas List?

      a) Late November

      b) Christmas Eve

      c) After Halloween

      d) No, I don’t write lists


      5. What do you like eating on Christmas Day?

      a) Candy Canes

      b) Turkey, Roast Ham and Cranberry Sauce

      c) Chocolate

      d) I don’t care, I’ll eat anything


      5. How many gifts do you give each Christmas?

      a) 0-3

      b) 3-5

      c) 5-10

      d) None, no gifts for anyone


      6. You get £50 from your Dad to go shopping for your Uncle? Do you…

      a) Say no and give the cash back, as you hate Christmas shopping

      b) You know what to get and you know there will be cash left over. So, you decide to get something extra for your uncle.

      c) Search your house for any clothes that will fit your uncle and still have a label attached to them and keep the cash and hope no one finds out!

      d) Buy a gift and keep the left-over cash for yourself! After all, you did all the hard work by yourself.


So, you have answered all our questions! Now it’s time to add up all the scores to see which Christmas character you are!

  1. Father Christmas
  2. A Christmas Elf
  3. Rudolf
  4. The Grinch


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