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Which Catford Square character are you?

Want to get to know the stars of our brand-new board game, Catford Square? Take this quiz and discover which character you’re most like!


Question 1.

You find a £5 note lying in the street, you…

A – Glance around to see if anyone nearby appears to have lost it, then pop it in your purse to put towards a round with your friends later

B – Hold it up and shout ‘anyone lost a fiver?’, if no one responds put it in the tip jar at your local pub

C – Think ‘my lucky day!’ and pocket it

D – Hand it into the police, it’s not right to keep it when it belongs to someone else

E – Push someone else out of the way to grab it


Question 2.

Your favourite type of film is…

A – A saucy Carry On-esque caper

B – A family drama where everyone learns the importance of sticking together

C – Rom-coms where the put-upon/nerdy guy ultimately wins the day and gets the girl

D – Ben-Hur or Passion of the Christ

E – A thriller where you can root for the bad guys


Questions 3.

Which song would be the theme tune to your life?

A – Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

B – Oom Pah Pah from Oliver!

C – Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

D – Amazing Grace

E – Bad Boys by Inner Circle


Question 4.

Your ideal night out is…

A – Getting dressed up in your glad rags and prowling round the bars in search of a fella or two – you’re never too old, eh?

B – A good ol’ knees-up in your local that ends with lock-in and sing-along around the piano

C – Whose got time for a night out? You’ve got plenty of work to be getting on with!

D – A night *IN* – nothing beats a quiet evening reading a good book (or the good book)

E – Plotting your next fiendish scheme


Question 5.

Your biggest fear is…

A – Losing your ability to attract a lover

B – Losing your family

C – Losing your business

D – Losing your faith

E – Losing your ability to scare people



Mostly A’s – you’re like Cat Butcher!

She may be older, but she’s still got it and she’s bringing her own signature kind of… let’s call it glamour, to the Square. When not brawling with her frenemy, Purr-gy Mitchell, Cat can often be found slinking around the bingo rooms, all dolled up in her best coat and spangliest jewellery. However, unable to choose between her two great loves, Cat also flirts with the hottest of slots, enjoying the risqué fun of progressives such as Lady Luck Deluxe and Kiss Me Clover.

Mostly B’s – you’re like Purr-gy Mitchell!

Family is the most important thing to Purr-gy, and she’ll do anything to protect them. A tough but fair matriarch, she won’t stand for any nonsense and is more than ready to tell you to ‘sling your hook’ if you cross her or those she cares about. But she loves a giggle and likes to have a flutter on her favourite Exclusive Slots (keeping it in the family), such as Thunder Cat and Amazing Heroes.

Mostly C’s – you’re like Flea-an Beale!

Catford Square’s unlikeliest lothario, Flea-an is a tom-cat of many talents. Weaselly, but oddly charming at the same time, he’s able to turn his paw to any new entrepreneurial venture. Never one to splash the cash though, he’s mostly seen in the bingo rooms, spending just a few pennies trying to land a big jackpot like the £10K Slider – but he’s also drawn to the Monopoly slots and (for some reason) Beat the Bobbies

Mostly D’s – you’re like Dot Catton!

Dutiful and straight-laced, Dot Catton prizes good manners and good, clean fun over almost anything else. Her family might not always value her, but she’s well-loved amongst her Kitty friends. A devout bingo player, she’s often seen with a cigarette in one hand and dabber in the other, as she prays to the bingo gods for a win. She particularly favours the Weekly Shop and Penny Heaven rooms, where she can keep a tight hold on the purse strings, but maybe win some extra funds for her ciggies!

Mostly E’s – you’re like Nick Catton!

A bad cat who’s always up to no good, Nick Catton relishes being the villain. He’s a tough cookie who’s determined to win using his own wicked ways, no matter the cost. Even if it means turning his back on his dear old Ma. Nick can often be found conspiring in the alley behind the Catford Arms. Otherwise, you’ll find him hanging around the Jackpot Slots, particularly Blackbeard’s Booty and Wild Streets, flexing his bad boy muscles to try and bag some big loot.

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