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The Most Famous Cats of The Internet

We live in weird times, where animals can become superstars. In this case, it’s cats. For some reason, the internet has always seemed to love them. Lots of felines have found fame online but here are five of the most famous furballs that could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money!

Cat 1


Oh, Maru and his boxes. He loves boxes of all sizes! Even the smallest ones. Maru became a celebrity because of his “in-boxing” videos. He enjoys squeezing himself in all kinds of boxes, even if he has a hard time getting in. But he never gives up (so inspiring!). Maru is on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Buzzfeed has several articles about him and appears to think he is one of the cutest cats ever. We’d have to agree with them…   


With wide eyes that give her the appearance of being permanently surprised, Nala wins the award for being one of the most adorable cats on the planet. She is a mixture of Siamese and Tabby and was left at a shelter when she was a tiny kitten. Luckily, someone adopted her and here we are… years later, Nala is an internet star! With 3.8 million followers - something tells us that we’re wasting our time trying to compete with this sensation.


Turns out that one of the most popular cats on the internet is not even real! Can you believe it? Pusheen is from a popular animated webcomic. She appeared back in 2010 and has since become such an internet sensation that Facebook Messenger features her exclusive stickers. You can currently follow Pusheen’s adventures on her official website.

Grumpy Cat

A cat grumpier than the grandma next door! Grumpy Cat’s real name is actually Tardar Sauce – which is also pretty cute. She was an incredibly popular celebrity cat, known for her permanently grouchy facial expression. This was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. She took the internet by storm following the Grumpy Cat memes which made her a star. Sadly, she passed away last year. A Queen of the internet worth remembering who proves that cats never die – they are immortal on the web.


Cat 4

Lil Bub

Wow, we are not prepared for this level of popularity! Lil Bub was a celebrity cat known for her unique appearance. Because of several genetic mutations, she ended up with an unusual yet super cute look. Her tongue is always hanging out, which is just the most endearing thing ever! She even has her own Wikipedia Page! With over 2 million followers, Lil Bub proves that cats can really shine online.

Looks like the cats are really going to take over the world – who is your favourite famous cat from the web?

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