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Make your pet a star for Christmas

Christmas greeting cards are sent as part of the habitual celebration of Christmas. Nowadays, there are various means of communication that you can use to wish your loved ones. In the modern era, you can easily express your wishes on social media platforms, email or even by SMS. However, creating a handmade card is one of the oldest traditions of the Christmas season. The cutest part is to add a photo of your pet, or you can even take a photo with the charming creature that fills your home.

Let’s take a look on three best possible ideas of Christmas greeting cards, starring your pets – some hilarious, others simply jolly.

  1. First Example:

What makes your pet unique? Each and every pet has certain characteristics that make them special. Does your cat make funny faces while sleeping? Does your dog wink at you sometimes? Here is a unique way for you to make your pet look like a star.

Using a simple handmade card with a funny photo of your pet, will surely make the one you are wishing feel special. The below steps are actually how you can create the card:

  • Gather your materials
  • Pick a blank card, or you may fold a piece of paper in half
  • Include decorations to your card and glue a small photo of your pet
  • Think about the wishes you want to add
  • Try beautifying your card with letter designs
  • Place the card in an envelope that fits the size of the card

  1. Second Example:

Funny and cute pets get the most attention. If your cat or dog is both, all the better. Here is another way to make your pet look like a megastar, with funny captions:

  • Cut a 4x5 rectangle thick double sided paper
  • Fold the paper diagonally so to form an X form in the middle.
  • When the paper is unfolded, there should be an X cut in your paper
  • Smooth the folded lines
  • Cut the X lines with a knife and fold them backward to form triangles.
  • Add decorations in the square shape formed in the middle – Photo of your pet, or a photo of yourself with a dog or cat
  • Add your wishes
  • Place the card into a well-fitted envelope

  1. Third Example:

Every pet is a superstar at home. This is your pet, the most spectacular cat or dog of all time. Spending a fortune on specialised photos is not an option. Using an online application can help you add several clear and well-lit shots of your pet, to make them look like a star. Follow the below steps to make your card outstanding:

  • Select a software – Hallmark Card Studio or PageMaker
  • Select the size of your card
  • Pick your layout
  • Add graphics to decorate your card
  • Add the photos of your pet
  • Set up your wishes text
  • Print your card
  • Place the card in an envelope


So as we approach Christmas, you can use the 3 above ideas to make your pet a star. Remember, the most important thing is the feel and look of the card you’ll be sending to your loved ones. Also, you can share your creatives any time on the Kitty Bingo’s Facebook page. We would all love to see those little cheeky creatures.

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