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Lost your cat? Here’s what to do next

Your beloved cat, a family member that is cherished by everyone, that brings laughter and happiness in your life every single day. That one friend that will always be faithful to you, that will never judge you and that will give you unconditional love. That same friend goes missing and you see your whole world upside down. What to do and how to react when the apple of your eye gets lost?

Don’t give up and stay positive

If your cat ever goes missing don’t panic or give up, here are some measures and tips you can use to increase your chance to find your dear pet. Don’t let fear paralyse you. You must stay positive and keep faith. Chances are, that your cat is near you. Therefore, stay calm and think about the favourite places your cat loves to walk, to sleep or play. A fresh mind and positivity are the perfect ingredients to carry your search smoothly.

Your Home!

The best place to search in the first place is your dwelling-home and garden. Your cat knows his home by heart and he might be relaxing or sleeping deeply in some tight cosy place that you don’t even expect. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes peeled. Search everywhere because they might be hiding under the bed, in the cupboard or even in the washing machine. Furthermore, don’t forget to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes calling your cat by his name. Remember that a name is the sweetest sound of a living being. Also, dedicate some extra minutes in the garden, look in bushes or on trees, they might be camouflaged with netting and branches from trees.

Contact your immediate neighbours.

As Robert Fulghum once said: ‘’And good neighbours make a huge difference in the quality of life. I agree.’’ It is vital that you let your immediate neighbours know that your dearest cat is missing and ask them to keep an eye out.

Prepare a Missing Cat Sign

Another tip would be to prepare a personalised ‘’ Missing Cat ‘’ sign. This is crucial when you are actively searching for your beloved cat. What I would recommend is a sign that contains a recent photo of your cat, PS: preferably in colour and don’t forget to add your contact details. A bonus would be a little reward for the person who might find your precious cat. Post the sign around your neighbourhood, at the local vets or even in animal shelters.


Unfortunately, sometimes a collar displaying the name of your cat is not enough. If it falls, sadly, your cat can remain missing. However, microchipping your cat might be a solution. In the case your much-love cat is missing you’ll be able to contact the microchip company to get current information.

Target Social Media and Local Newspaper.

Nowadays, a lot of people are connected to the net so post a ‘’missing pet’’ ad on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also post a ‘’lost ad’’ in your local newspaper to target people living near you.

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