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How to plan a garden party

Nothing screams summer louder than a garden party! And while we wait for the summer to be up and running, there is no better time to throw a magnificent garden party. The idea of kicking back with a glass of vino and enjoying the sunshine is always appealing.

So, get your barbeque out of the garage, give it a dust down and fire it up! If you want to have a top-notch garden party, then we got a few pointers for you to consider when planning your big bash.

The first thing to do is fix a date well in advance. This will give everyone a chance to RSVP – giving you solid numbers. Plan it before everyone heads off on holidays - this way, you’ll be able to catch up with everybody.

Choose a theme and run with it – this will make your party more interesting. Your theme can be based on anything, for example, Hawaiian or Flamingo. But you can also go for a very traditional. Use the blossoming flowers in your garden as a backdrop. You can also use the vases of flowers and candles on your tables to add even more light and colour. Drape some outdoor lights around your yard. This will help create an atmosphere.

Summer drinks

Cocktails are always a good idea for garden parties - you can’t go wrong with serving Mojitos, Margaritas or Sangria. So is homemade lemonade for the guests who are not drinking. Don’t forget to leave out some iced water and soft drinks also.

feta toast

Don’t be afraid to lay out loads of food, the more the better! You do not want to throw an ace party and then run out of food in the middle of it – always plan to have extra. BBQ Chicken, sandwiches, skewers, pizzas and salad are always winners.

grilled food

After you have served the Barbequed food and salad has finished, it will be time to break out the dessert for your guests. If you’re feeling adventurous, then have a go at making dessert yourself. Stick to the classics and offer Macaroons, cupcakes, and an assortment of fruit tarts on your menu as a treat for the guests.

kiwi lollies

The key to planning a creative garden party this summer is to choose your date carefully, pick a theme, and create an atmosphere using lighting and music. Make sure you stock up on food and drinks. But most importantly, don’t forget to invite a great company!

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