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Healthy Treat Ideas for Your Pets

If you are a sensible pet owner, you ensure your fur-friends get enough exercise, schedule regular check-ups with the veterinarian and feed them a variety of high-quality foods. But are you really mindful about what you feed them as treats?

Nowadays, there is a high percentage of our pets which are obese or overweight. This can lead to many illnesses or even a reduced life span. Many owners feed their pets with Fido or Fluffy. Sometimes, they overdo it with the between-meal snacks.

Of course, you want to show your pets that you love them. Let’s take a look at some healthy treat ideas! Thanks to a little effort, you can make sure your animals are staying healthy and enjoying a regular treat.

Homemade Treats

Do you enjoy spending time in your kitchen? Then how about whipping up your own pet treats?

If you have cats, mix canned tuna, flour, an egg and water to make a dough. Use a cookie cutter to form the right-sized treats. Bake at 350°F for around 20 minutes.

Dogs may like something different. Maybe you can try incorporating four parts of pumpkin puree to one part peanut butter. Mix in a little milk and some oats to form a dough. Follow by rolling into balls and chill in the fridge for around an hour.

Single-Ingredient Treats

Natural treats are always good. You can buy them at the store and feed your pet regularly. Whether you have a dog or a cat, frozen sardines make a nice snack. On the other hand, vegetables like pumpkin, red pepper strips and baby carrots are well received by many dogs.

Most pets like small pieces of cheese. However, you should limit portions since most cheese is high in fat. Grilled meats with no sauces can also be cut into pieces and served as snacks.

Packaged Treats

If you don’t have the time to cook treats from scratch, you can purchase them. Yes, not all purchased treats are bad. You may consider the following tips for selecting and feeding packaged dog treats.

  • Buy Small Bags – Always buy a small package of pet snacks. If you purchase a giant one, you are more likely to feed too many. This may give your pet less enjoyment out of them.
  • Limit Soft Treats – Getting a moist type of treat is not a bad idea at all! Remember to limit your pet to 2-3 per day. Or you can simply follow the serving information on the package.
  • Make them Work For it – Chewy treats that help reduce tartar build-up offer some good qualities. Plus, they may take longer to eat. You may also buy puzzle-type toys that your pet has to interact with before accessing the treat.

Were these ideas helpful? Your pets will thank you for watching out for their health.

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