The Year of the Rat – Chinese New Year 2020

Imagine you’re walking down the gorgeously decorated streets of China for Spring Festival. The buildings have been invaded by mighty paper dragons, unmoved by the deafening firecrackers. Lanterns, garlands and lights – the streets are literally painted red! The festivities stretch for miles and suddenly… whoosh: RATS!

It won’t be something out of the blue in 2020. That’s because this year, we welcome the Year of the Rat – Metal Rat to be precise! For the Chinese, the rodent is actually sacred. The Rat, called shu, is the first in the zodiac calendar or sheng xiao. If you were born in 1972, 84 or 96 - you’re a Rat! (no offence).

Rats are quick-witted, resourceful and smart. But often lack courage. They possess rich imagination and are keen observers. Rats know how to take advantage of opportunities. In Chinese culture, rats represent diligence and thrift. So, if someone says you’re a rat, then you are considered special in China!

Chinese astrology also states that certain zodiac animal combinations get along better than others. For Rats, the most compatible zodiac signs are Rabbits, Dragons and Oxen. In fact, Rat and Ox have such complementary characters, they support each other in their work and home lives. The least compatible ones are Horse and Rooster (and cats, of course).

Numbers containing 2 and 3 are considered to be lucky for Rats. Blue, gold and green are favourable for people born in the Year of the Rat, compared to yellow and brown. Chinese zodiac also says lilies and African violets are lucky flowers for Rats. Dropping by the florist? You now know which flowers to pick!

Did you know that Prince Charles, Avril Lavigne and even ‘Mr Spiderman’ Tom Holland were born in the Year of the Rat? Here at Kitty Bingo we might be kitties, but these are Rats we’d be happy to hang out with.

So, to all Rats around the world, this is your year… we wish you a healthy and lucky year in 2020!

Sofie Holmess / 31 January 2020