What’s Coming On Netflix In 2020

Hooray! … Netflix is back to drop top movies and series; new and old, for the meek and the bold! At Kitty Bingo, we are ready for music artists, the Queen and tons more binge-worthy shows that will be hitting our screens in the days to come. With the tea brewing and popcorn popping, get set for another wave of binge-watching Netflix. We bring you new additions to Netflix in 2020.

The Crown – The Chronicles Of The Queen!

It’s time for season 4, dear! And it’s going to be grander than ever. Is the Princess of Wales finally opened up about living with the Royal Family? The biggest news from the upcoming season is that Emma Corrin will play Lady Diana Spencer. OMG! Seems that the creators are not holding anything back. Co-Star Josh O’Connor says that Corrin is THE spitting image of Diana, Princess of Wales… Resolution for 2020? Watch for more gripping moments with season 4 of The Crown! That’s one resolution that we’ll love sticking around.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – To Hell And… Back?

Netflix’s dark tale Sabrina, the Teenage Witch picks up where our heroine plans to head to Hell to save her boyfriend Nick Scratch. Hmmm… the things we do for love, you see! For once, it will be a hell of an adventure (literally). Maybe she’s up for encounters with banshees, demons, hellhounds… Basically, most of the creepy creatures that are on our dear Halloween Jack Slot. Kiernan Shipka and her crew of witches will return for the witching hour!

Lucifer – Who ‘s This Handsome Devil?

That’s right! Executive Producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich confirmed that Lucifer and his sinful ways are making a return. Please… the sight of the hunk is enough to boil anyone’s teapot! Tom Ellis revealed that the final season will be split into two parts. Will that be enough to say everything that’s left to be said? We just don’t want to see Lucifer going good or something. Where will the devil and his sweetheart be in the end? Wait! What if Lucifer and Chloe got together, had a baby and named it Sabrina! It makes all sense.

AJ And The Queen – Shantay You Stay!

What happens when a drag queen meets a tough-talking 10-year old girl? You get a series called AJ and The Queen! This time, RuPaul takes the name of Ruby Red, a down-on-her-luck drag queen that travels from club to club to gather her stolen fortune. She’s not alone on the trip as little AJ joins in. Two personalities, a misfit unlike others and one adventure filled with emotions, comedy, and drag. Hold onto your wigs!

The Prom – Get Ready For Music And Comedy!

Everything looks perfect for Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman as they join together to celebrate their passion for music. But we all know that this has to end for the movie to start! The two celebs get stuck in the middle of career-ending reviews. On the edge, they decide to find a charity cause… something to do to help others. Throughout their journey, they come up with struggling theatre girls and unlucky actors. So, why is the film called The Prom? Take a guess. That’s where the climax happens.

We’re so excited about these shows and films. How about you?

Lisa Stolmings / 16 January 2020