What is Speed Bingo and How Does it Work?

Speed bingo is the newest addition to the classic favourite and offers a fast-paced, fun-filled bingo game that’s exclusive to online bingo players! While some of you kitties may know it as 30- (or 40-) ball bingo, this nippy variant usually plays with a 3x3 card and (you’ve guessed it!) 30 or 40 balls opposed to the traditional 75- and 90-ball games. There are also variants available to play with 90 balls, where numbers are called out every second – talk about exciting!

Cheap ticket prices, smaller cards and fewer balls mean the perfect “on-the-go” game for a quick dose of fun when you only have a few moments to spare.

Read on as we take a quick dive into all things speed bingo, including how to play, advantages of such games, and the prizes up for grabs.

Speed bingo variants and how to play

Speed bingo, 40-ball bingo, turbo bingo – they all have one thing in common – they’re super-fast! Now you may see various names and versions on different online bingo sites, so let’s clear things up:

30-/40-ball bingo

This type is used (mostly) interchangeably with the term, speed bingo. As mentioned, these games are played with far fewer balls, which means they have smaller cards and are naturally faster to play out.

The game operates just as a 90-ball bingo game, except that this version will have a slightly different card layout. Fewer number values will be offered and the calls will happen within a minute or two. These games are also usually slightly cheaper to play than longer bingo games, so you may want to buy a few tickets, or play a few games in succession. There is only one winner in these variants… let’s hope it’s you!

Turbo bingo

Turbo bingo is your classic 90-ball bingo – but at rapid-fire speed. Available at just 5p per card, you can purchase up to 120 cards per game, meowzers! Access the turbo room to play as many two-minute bingo games as you please – you’ll have three chances to win on each game, with one line, two lines, or a full house. One more thing: there will be a call every second, literally. You’ll need to emulate the lightning reactions of your feline friends for this one.

Swedish or 5-line bingo

Another zippy version you can play here at Kitty Bingo is called 5 Line Bingo, which is also known as “Swedish bingo”. It uses a 5x5 grid with numbers that range from 1 to 75, so it’s quite like 75-ball bingo but with this version, you can win five times in a game instead of just once. One thing’s for sure: it certainly plays a lot faster than your normal 75-ball game.

The advantages of playing speed bingo

Speed bingo is a fan favourite, and while your nan may not enjoy it as much as she does her classic 90-ball favourite at the local bingo hall, here’s why so many people do:

  • It’s new – While we love traditional bingo games, variety is, after all, the spice of life! With speed bingo, you can really mix things up with this exciting game variant. It offers a fresh take on an all-time favourite and gives you more options to choose from, based on your availability and mood.
  • It’s fast – We live in a fast-paced world and between work, achieving goals, completing everyday tasks and keeping up with family and friends, “having fun” can seem to take a back seat at times. But not with speed bingo! Now you can play on the train or bus to and from work, during your lunch break, and even while you’re waiting for dinner in the oven
  • It’s easy to play – While new games may often seem intimidating, speed bingo simplifies things. It’s the easiest bingo variant and all it really requires is your attention! Since you’re playing online, you can even have the luxury of the bingo numbers being automatically ticked off your virtual card – it’s never been as easy!

  • It’s phone-friendly – These games are so convenient! When you’re keen on a cheeky game of bingo, you’re likely on the go, and mobile-friendly games make that possible.
  • You can play more games – As Marjorie Dawes from TV’s Little Britain said: “If you take a bit of cake and cut it in half, then it’s only half the calories. And because it’s half the calories, you can have twice as much!” Now we love our cake as much as we love our bingo, and in defence of Marjorie, this logic works surprisingly well with speed bingo. Why? Because fast games mean you can play more of them, which equals more tickets and more opportunities to win.

Playing online bingo also offers a world of advantages on its own, whether you’re playing speed, 90-ball or whatever else. Convenience and accessibility top the list, allowing you to play whenever you feel like it, and wherever you are. No more waiting till the end of the day (or worse, the whole week) for your dose of bingo – online bingo offers players the chance to work it into their schedule so they never have to miss a session due to working late or running into traffic!

Online bingo sites such as Kitty Bingo also offer much more variety than your local bingo hall would, so you can switch things up and discover new games whenever the mood strikes!

Speed bingo prizes

Prizes, of course, depend on what (and where) you’re playing. The 30 and 40-ball games usually have only one prize available to whoever gets a full house first. If you’re playing turbo bingo, there are three prizes up for grabs: for one and two lines, and the first full house.

What’s great is that faster games mean you can play more, and most speed bingo variants allow you to play with a pretty high number of cards.

Factors that determine the size of the prize up for grabs include:

Ticket costs – Like most bingo games, a higher ticket price means a bigger prize pot.

Number of players – The more players in any given bingo room, the more contributions to the prize pot, which means the larger the prize. So you might find that playing during peak hours could pique your interest.

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Sofie Holmess / 09 June 2021