The Supreme Cat Show

UK’s Premier feline show, also the largest annual show organised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is known as the Supreme Cat Show. And this prestigious event is set to take place on Saturday 28th of October at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

The GCCF is the largest organisation that is responsible for registering pedigree cats in the UK, and a key member of the World Cat Congress. The objective of this international congress is to promote collaboration between cat fancies worldwide.

The Supreme Cat Show is considered as one of the most important illustration of the feline calendar. Brought in decorated pens, United Kingdom’s most adored and most beautiful cats are meticulously observed by feline experts.

Only cats that have won open classes at other championships can gain entry to the Supreme Cat Show. Tweediemill Islay Mist, a Blue Point Birman with semi-long hair was crowned as the Supreme Best exhibit at the 2016 edition of the Supreme Cat Show.

This is certainly the largest show of its kind, where visitors and exhibitors share the space with approximately 1,000 cats. As you can expect, these felines are of many different breeds, characters, and hair lengths. This year’s show is certainly set to be a purrfect one with even more cats than last year!

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/ 30 December 2019