The Most Massive Bingo Prizes Ever Won

The Most Massive Bingo Prizes Ever Won

With around 3.5 million online bingo players in the UK alone, there are bound to be some big wins every now and then! We’re taking a look at five of the luckiest fish in the world – who are they, what did they do with all that money, and where are they now? Let’s find out, fellow Kitties! 

5. Christine B – £1.1 million

Christine B held the record for the biggest in-house jackpot win for all of one month in 2008. Christine had been a regular at her local hall, Castle Bingo in South Wales, for more than a decade so it was a well-deserved win, we’d say! One full house and £1,101,686 later, the 53-year-old mother of two – though richer than before – humbly chose to continue to work her £5.50-an-hour shift at a garage three days a week; she even shared some of her winnings with her sister-in-law and bingo partner of 11 years, Lorraine. The two had spent a total of £16 for all the bingo tickets that night, and Christine vowed that the win would not change her, or her life as she knew it. Bless!

4. Soraya L – nearly £1.2 million

The UK’s biggest in-house winner ever, Soraya L, went from cleaning houses in South Lanarkshire, Scotland to putting her feet up after a kittylicious £1,167,795 win at her local hall in Coatbridge, Club 3000. Soraya, 38 years old at the time, lovingly split her winnings with her bingo partner, Agnus, as the pair had made a deal to share their booty. 

3. Lisa P – £1.3 million


Lucky Lisa, as she is nicknamed, found herself spending £5 on an online bingo game, only to win £1,364,745.23 almost instantly. It all happened one Thursday evening in 2012, as her boyfriend ignored her to watch the 2012 European Championships. Lisa, then 33, mother of three, was elated and bought her family a new home and car before treating them to a luxury holiday. All we’ve got to say is you go, girl!

2. Georgios M – £5.1 million

The second-biggest winner on our list held the title as the biggest for three years before being knocked off his podium. The thing is, after becoming a millionaire in 2009, scooping £5.1 million while playing a bingo game online, Georgios M – a then 36-year-old Greek businessman – disappeared from the public eye. To this day, little is known about how he spent his prize money, or what has become of him! Purrhaps he bought a mansion on a remote Greek Island and is living in the lap of luxury and dabbling his toes in the Med while checking his latest bingo cards – well,  at least that’s what we’d like to imagine.

1. John O – nearly £5.9 million

You know you’ve won the kitty jackpot when £30 becomes £5,833,044 in just one meowsively lucky online bingo game. Such is the furtune of John O, a 60-year-old (at the time) grandfather and former factory worker who spent his days working at his local job centre. After having won the biggest-ever haul in a single bingo game in 2012, John did what anyone would, and bought himself a £40,000 Jaguar XF, took his family on holiday, showered his friends with lavish gifts, and bought his wife a beautiful home in Lincolnshire, where they live in happy retirement (no doubt with some lucky cats in tow, we reckon). 

And now for a round of appaws

In case you were thinking: “But that’s just five out of a million – what chance do I have?” Now, now, kitty – that’s no way to go about it! At Kitty Bingo, winning is not just for the luckiest among us; and to prove it, we’ll share some recent wins from our very own kitties:

  • Skippy909, who won a princely £61,560 in cash, said: “I will be playing Kitty Bingo all the time now!”

  • VickyM62 scooped £56,960 on the Cash Diner Progressive slot game.

  • Sexymamma2032 picked up £15,280 on the Raging Rhino online slot.

  • Rassa netted £15,045 on the Gemix slot, which he’ll be using to buy a new car – meowzers!

  • When he took home £14,686 on progressive slot Fluffy Favourites, Thomas008 said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes.” 

  • flOwers11 walked away with more than £5,000 on her birthday with the Kitty Bingo Birthday Bonus.

  • Bella071 bagged £4,144 in her first week with Kitty Bingo, playing her all-time favourite Jazz Cat slot.

  • Jessy1Funk won £3,037 on online slot Immortal Romance, saying: “I was totally shocked to see the wilds come down!”

Try your luck, kitty cat!

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/ 24 March 2021