The Most Famous Bingo Venues Around the World

Online bingo has surged in popularity, with online bingo games now more available and easily accessible than ever. This means more people from all over the world can play bingo online, and players get to engage with a wider variety of people than when they’re limited to a local bingo hall.

Even so, bingo halls have played an important role in the history of this ever-popular game, and a few stand out in particular. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous bingo halls around the world, from the largest to the longest-running!

Red-carpet bingo in the US

What started as a humble bingo hall in the US state of Connecticut turned into a luxury casino and resort that now hosts the biggest bingo hall in the world! Foxwoods Resort Casino can hold up to 5,000 players and hosts three-hour bingo sessions, seven days a week. The venue also has a spa, no-limit gaming club, award-winning restaurants, bowling alleys, designer shops and more. Players definitely get the full red-carpet treatment and a VIP experience here.

The oldest bingo hall in the world

Bet you didn’t know this one! Yes, one of the oldest remaining bingo halls in the UK is a club called Judges in Tonypandy, Wales. The venue was opened as a memorial hall in 1909 by Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It has hosted boxing matches, dances, and music concerts – including performances by rock legends Black Sabbath – and for the past 55 years, bingo! Players can also enjoy the bar, diner, and arcade machines hosted by the facility when they’ve put their daubers down.

The longest-running bingo hall in Ireland

The National Stadium in Dublin hosts bingo games every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening. It has been running bingo games for more than 40 years, making it Ireland’s longest-running bingo hall with literally decades of experience under its belt. The venue has capacity for up to 2,000 players, though these days it doesn’t fill up past 600 to 800. And the payouts are impressive: €27,000+ (that’s about £23,085+) each week, and €9,000 each bingo night!

The National Stadium is also home to Irish boxing and was where U2 signed their first record deal; there is even a documentary on the venue – From Boxing to Bingo: The Story Of Dublin’s National Stadium (for those who enjoy podcasts and videos that not only feature cute cats).

Drive-in bingo in Sweden

Bingo is a popular game all over the world, including in Sweden, where both 75-ball and 90-ball bingo are played. Bingo halls there tend to attract an older crowd, while the younger generations favour online bingo.

Sweden is known for its innovative approach – and this extends to bingo! Here, you’ll even find drive-in bingo – similar to drive-in movies, but for bingo games! Countryside locations such as Lidköping, on the shores of Lake Vänern in the south, attract crowds of people to their fields for car picnics and three-hour bingo sessions. There’s just one difference: instead of yelling “bingo!”, winners are encouraged to toot their car horns!

The largest bingo hall in Europe

You’ll find the largest bingo hall in the continent of Europe in Cricklewood, north London. The flagship hall of Beacon Bingo was opened in 1995 and was renamed Merkur Bingo in 2021. It can seat 2,700 players and boasts three bars, two restaurants, and a large smoking area. The venue holds a Guinness World Record for paying out the largest prize in a single game of £100,000, and tickets can be bought for as little as £1.

Bingo, Las Vegas-style

If you ever find yourself in Vegas, Red Rock Casino is the place bingo fans make a beeline to! Its bingo hall has the capacity for around 600 players and holds marathon, eight-hour-long daubing sessions on a daily basis. The spacious hall comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine, including colourful displays and plasma TVs, setting the mood for a great game of the beautiful numbers game. Players can also check out the casino, spa, restaurants, bowling alley, and pools available at the destination resort.

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/ 03 November 2021