The Good Friends that you Need!

Life would definitely be boring without friends. If you want to add some flavour to your existence, then a bunch of buddies is just the thing for you. But it’s always a good idea to keep them varied. Because the more different personalities there are, the more fun you will have. The following five types of friends are just what you need when life gets too much!

The Carer

They are the miniature Mother Teresa! The one who’s always calling you to ask if everything’s okay, even if that means disturbing you at 2 am. They comfort you, warm you and make sure if you’re sick, then the vitamin C is flowing! Such protective friends are genuine… keep them close. Just don’t try something risky in their presence… or you will have them stuck on your back for quite some time.

The Gossip Girl

It’s bad to gossip dear… really bad! But your Gossip Girl listens to no granny advice. She brings you the spiciest news and wait to hear her say, “Guurl!” … you know that the tea should be served! The Gossip Girl adds the sinful excitement to your conversations. Let’s face it… some of us love when the Gossip Girl is around. That way you’ll know who says they’re on a diet but has been secretly ordering pizza. (The lady from next door… But you didn’t hear it from us!)

The Full-On Fashionista

If there’s someone who will teach you the 1, 2, 3 of fashion, then it’s definitely the fashionista! They got everything on point, from head to stilettoes! Wait… what if they’re a guy? It will still look as if the Met Gala is every day. Fashionista friends will give you the best advice on what to wear… and when to wear. Plus, they can easily turn a sad Christmas cardigan in something fancy! Gucci who, dear?

The Straight Talker

This friend is a combination of honesty and daring and there’s no fun and games when it comes to opinions! Beating around the bush is not included in their dictionary. Expect honesty to such an extent that it hurts. Obviously, bitter truths are better than sweet lies. And you got a caring friend to warm you after the straight-talking one roasted you, saying you got fat like a cookie and it’s time to hit the gym!

The Drama Diva

“The world moves on, another day, another drama drama!” That’s not only Taylor Swift’s lyrics… it’s literally someone’s motto every day. With a drama diva by your side, life would look like a stage with actors. They enjoy being the centre of attention and turn out to be the victim in practically every situation. Even if too much drama will chase you away, the right dose can reveal some hilarious moments, for sure! You know, pinch them and they’ll shout, “call 999!”

Have you collected all of them? Find some new friends by playing online bingo and remember, if you can't identify the Drama Diva in your group, that means you are the Drama Diva!!

Lisa Stolmings / 14 February 2020