Summer Picnic Essentials

Listen up, you cool kitties! We have the perfect summer picnic essentials that will set the scene for the most wonderful time out in the sun with your friends and loved ones! Of course, choosing the ideal picnic spot is very important – and the company joining you – but if you want to avoid soggy sandwiches and warm drinks, a little preparation will help you immensely. From the best food to games such as bingo, let’s take a look at some of those picnic must-pack essentials for your next trip outdoors.

1. Picnic basket

First things first, you’re going to need a picnic basket or hamper. To spruce up your picnic game, consider buying a wicker picnic basket. Having a lovely way to carry everything will ensure that you can transport all your goodies such as food, glasses, plates, and cutlery in true style. In addition to the convenience of a wicker picnic basket, it also looks cute and so it’s ideal for your picnic photos! Make sure you have enough room for napkins, cutlery and maybe some camping plates (paper ones work too, but they’re not as environmentally friendly!).

2. Picnic blanket

There’s nothing worse than having a planned picnic and getting to your spot, realising that you left the blanket at home. Of course, you could go rogue and enjoy sitting directly on the grass or other surface, however, a picnic blanket makes the experience so much more comfortable and civilised! A good suggestion would be to buy a picnic blanket that’s waterproof on one side, in case the grass or other surface is a bit damp. Alternatively, you could lay down some tarpaulin first (you may have a small piece that lines the porch section of a tent, for example). Another reason to opt for the blanket is that it greatly increases your choice of a picnic spot because you can lay it down even on long grass – literally, you can pick wherever takes your fancy!

3. Cushions and pillows

A blanket may not be not enough on its own to achieve the ultimate level of comfort that you’re hoping for at your picnic. Think about your poor buttocks and how long you’re going to be sitting on not-so-flat ground or stubbly grass! A few cushions are the perfect solution and will also add to the beautiful aesthetic. If you’re planning on lying down and soaking up the sunshine, some pillows might come in handy, too.

4. Sunscreen

It’s very important to not leave your house without putting on sunscreen, even on cloudy days. You’re going to be enjoying the summer sun at its full strength, so adding sunscreen to your picnic essentials list will prove to be the best choice to make. At first, the sun might feel glorious on your skin, but you’ll end up with sunburn if you’ve been exposed to the sun for too long! (And if it’s looking like it’s going to be a “scorchio” day, then throw a sun hat or few into the mix, too!)

5. The best food

There are so many summer snacks and food that you could take on a picnic. From healthy or sweet to themed food ideas, you could seriously get lost in all the delicious things you could pack in your picnic basket. Start by thinking about what you and your friends love to eat and whether they have any dietary restrictions. Remember, great food makes a great picnic, and it’ll count in your favour to prepare the treats and food that you’re taking along.

If you’re looking for convenient but tasty food, consider making sandwiches or wraps with chicken, tuna, egg salad, or falafel. Should you be picnicking with a large group, then consider a range of salads, including potato salad, lemon herb pasta salad, Greek salad, and a refreshing fruit salad. A charcuterie board with dips, spreads, crackers, fresh fruit, chorizo, cheese, and croissants would also make for a perfect picnic.

6. Drinks

We all know that the perfect pairing of drinks is of utmost importance for a good time. For a refreshing choice, opt for a cold homemade lemonade or ice tea. These two drinks are sure to quench your thirst while you’re soaking up the sun. Don’t forget to pack in bottles of water!

7. Ice packs

Ice packs are a great way to keep your drinks nice and cold. Also, if you plan on taking any mayonnaise-based food, keeping it cool will be your top priority to avoid it from spoiling under the summer sun. You may also need an insulated cool bag for the same reason.

8. Rubbish bag

It’s a good idea to take a rubbish bag or two with you so that you can clean up around the picnic spot when you’re leaving. It feels really good to look around your spot after you’ve cleared up and know that the only trace you’ve left is a patch of flattened grass. What’s more, there are many other uses for bin bags – you can even use them as a poncho in case it starts to rain, or lay it under your blanket to keep wet grass from seeping through!

9. Camera

A picnic makes for the perfect photo opportunity! Don’t forget your camera so that you can capture those precious summer moments well spent out in nature with some delicious food and drinks.

10. Games

While you might be looking forward to all the snacks, food, drinks, and sunshine, half the fun is enjoying being outdoors and the carefree feeling that a picnic brings. To spruce up your outdoor event, you can bring along some fun board games; and if you really want to turn up the fun element, you can play bingo. That’s right: there are bingo games that you can play online with your friends and loved ones on a picnic. You can access them from your phone or even bring a tablet for a bigger-screen gaming experience!

What to do after your picnic

After returning from a relaxing day, soaking up all the sunshine on your picnic, you might want to continue the enjoyment once you’re back indoors. One way of keeping the fun going strong is to play slots online or some more online bingo. Who knows? You might unlock some incredible prizes during your gameplay.

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/ 01 September 2021