Plan the Perfect Party for Your Kitty

At Kitty Bingo, we’re all about creating a fun and welcoming environment for bingo and online slots fans, and love any excuse to play games and celebrate. When it comes to hosting a party for one or more of your pussycats, there’s no need to feel like you’re on a hot tin roof. If you follow the five steps below, you’ll be well on your way to hosting the best kitty party ever.

5 steps for hosting a fantastic kitty party

Just as you’d follow all the necessary steps when signing up to play online bingo and slots online, planning a moggie get-together is quite simple!

1. Choose the occasion

Your cat might not be the most sociable creature, but who doesn’t love to spend some time in the limelight on their birthday? Or any other day for that matter!

Your cat’s birthday might be the most obvious milestone to plan an event around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose another day and plan some festivities around that. How about International Cat Day on 8 August? 

This day marks a worldwide effort to raise awareness about cat adoption, but even if you didn’t adopt your pet, you can do your bit to promote the work of rescue centres worldwide by honouring this day, and your own kitty. (And if you did adopt, there’s even more reason to celebrate!)

2. Invite your guests

While other cats are welcome to attend, we all know that taking part in another mouser’s celebrations might not be at the top of the priority list for your own pet.

For this reason, it’s probably best to invite one or two friends over – if it is safe to do so – who love your pet as much as you do, although you can always draft in some other guests via Zoom or video call. While Tigger might not pose for long with a birthday hat or crown on, you might just be able to film or share a quick snapshot of him\/her enjoying their specially made cake – if you decide to make one, of course!

3. Select your snacks

Cake? Yes, that’s right, but not a fluffy sponge with sugary icing. As we all know, kitties can’t eat human food – it isn’t good for them; but they will be the metaphorical cat that got the cream if you give them a special cake made from tuna (or other food that’s safe for your feline’s sensitive digestive system). Sprinkle a bit of catnip on top and your precious furball will be very pleased indeed!

For all your human party guests, you could share some cat-themed cakes and\/or cupcakes. For those attending online, you could also share some recipes for themed cakes and snacks beforehand that they can buy or make themselves. You can then eat these all together while chatting on-screen.

4. Play some games

Of course, as a bingo site, we’d obviously recommend playing some kind of bingo game, especially if your human guests are also slot games fans, but you could come up with some online or in-person activities which everyone can take part in as well – it’s great for creating a buzz and some excitement.

Perhaps play some charades, guessing games or even question-and-answer sessions online or IRL – it could be seriously entertaining. This is, of course, while your kitty plays with some of the cat toys you might have given it to mark the occasion (you can easily make your own), or while it enjoys ripping up the wrapping paper! 

As with online gambling, there can certainly be a prize for the winner of your games (maybe even a treat for your moggy, too, so they don’t feel left out!). But since there’s no need to hold back on this occasion, feel free to spoil everyone involved, even if they didn’t technically win any of the games – as long as everyone’s having fun! 

5. Share some gifts

The star of the show is your pet, but since they’ll probably lose interest quite quickly in any kind of toy or activity on the actual day, and probably move off to take a nap, you can shift your focus to sharing gifts with all of your party attendees, either IRL or online.

This could include a party pack with some take-home gifts for their own pets, such as fish-shaped treats, handmade toys filled with catnip, or even just a silly decoration that their cats can play with and rip up in a matter of minutes. (Of course, these will be given to your No.1 kitty first!)

For those joining the festivities online, you could take a pic of your mog and send it to them afterwards as a token of appreciation for joining the festivities. Or, you could even send them a party pack via post or courier, if that’s a feasible option for you.

After the guests have left, Simba might need a bit of R&R, so this could be the ideal time to bring out that new collar that you’ve bought for them, and the matching bracelet or another accessory that you bought for yourself – if that’s your thing! 

But no matter how you choose to celebrate all things feline for your kitty party, we hope your pet(s) – and your human guests – will appreciate how you’ve made them all feel truly special!

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/ 31 March 2021