New Cat LEGO’s

Cat lovers, suit up and get your hands ready for the most ultimate toy ever… Cat LEGO’s! Finally, the way overdue project is finally here!

Cheers to having cats and not having to clean up after them. And to not having to worry about fur balls! These beautiful cat statues are being built by families and cat lovers around the world.

The cats can be built in different forms and postures, like: the cat sitting, walking, stretching or with its paw up. Loving it? You must be! The special technology of locking the pieces has been put to great use! It makes the sculpture steadier and less fragile!

The decorative sculptures look very realistic! It’s easy to get tricked by the looks of them. Put them anywhere in your house, under your coffee table or on furniture.

Create illusions by putting the sculpture with its paw up by a lamp! Your visitors will think your feline is messing with the lamp! Ameowsing right?

What a time to be alive! Choose your own cat breed and assemble your feline. If it looks just like your feline friend, honour it by having a statue of it. More love for you! Or just let it mess with the sculpture. It’s just like having a cat look into the mirror, boo ya!

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/ 19 November 2019