Meet Millie, the Pro-Rock Climbing Cat

Everyone who has a cat and a shelf at home, will certainly agree that their pets are notorious climbers. But have you ever thought if your cat can actually be your rock climbing partner?

Millie is no ordinary kitty! This black cat with green eyes is an Instagram star and has thousands of followers. However, Millie is not famous for appearing in any of the usual kitty slipups videos that you can easily find on YouTube. Nor does she look like the Grumpy Cat or other popular cats that are known for having some unique facial expressions.

In fact, Millie is a professional rock climbing adventure cat who enjoys going in the wild with her human! Craig Armstrong first met Millie at an adoption centre and since then, they have been an inseparable mounting climbing partners. It only took Armstrong four seconds to realise that they would be allies after Millie climbed up his back to sit on his shoulder. They have since been through countless adventures and journeys together.

Millie always accompanies Armstrong when he’s going on his usual weekend camping quests. This is where they do a lot of rock climbing and hiking. This incredibly athletic feline loves to climb according to her human, and has accomplished some pretty amazing feats. Armstrong confessed that it took a lot of practice to get his cat to follow him. And it was not easy for Millie not to be distracted or run off.

This little adventurer was trained at their local park as they prepared for their excursions. Armstrong could not have dreamt of a better climbing partner than Millie, as she never complains and always wants to go higher. She even has her own set of safety gears, including a harness.

Although your pet may not have any special ability, you would most probably agree that they are special in their own way and are best at showering you with love!

/ 10 December 2019