Kitty Bingo Plays “Would You Rather”

That’s right, we’re playing the popular “Would You Rather” game. There’s no better way to break the ice with a stranger or get to know someone better other than with a round of “Would You Rather.” Think you know Kitty Bingo? See if you can guess what our answers will be…

  • Would you rather have hooves for feet or webbed fingers?

Hooves, please! We dream of being unicorns.

  • Would you rather be able to speak all the languages of the world or speak with animals?

We love animals so being able to listen and speak to them would be such fun! Imagine catching up with the chihuahua next door.

  • Would you rather know all the secrets of space or know all the secrets of the ocean?

We share a bond with our marine friends, so we would definitely enjoy discovering the secrets of the ocean. Who knows? We might find out if mermaids are real!

  • Would you rather have the ability to see your own future or have the ability to see everyone’s future but your own?

Hmmm… tricky! We’d prefer to see our own future… That way, we’ll know if we’re destined to grab a jackpot in the bingo rooms!

  • Would you rather only drink water or never eat cookies again?

We just can’t turn down tea or coffee. We can’t have cookies, so what? There’s still cake, after all!

  • Would you rather kiss a frog or pet a snake?

We’ll go with “kiss a frog” – you never know, it might turn into a prince, just like our slot Enchanted Prince! Have you played it?

  • Would you rather be an unknown superhero or a famous villain?

Unknown superhero, of course… who wants to do it for fame, anyway?

  • Would you rather have lots of energy or have lots of money?

Can’t we choose lots of energy and money? No? Hmmm… okay then, we’ll go with the energy, so we can match the big cats!

  • Would you rather spend a week in the woods or one night in a real haunted house?

Haunted House! Bring it on.

Did your answers match ours?

Lisa Stolmings / 02 March 2020