How the Worlds of Video Games and Casino Games Collided
Alright, kitties, while you might have been perfectly happy just to sit back and play your usual bingo games, have you ever thought about the massive expanse of the gaming universe and how video games and casino games are developing side by side?
Well, if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you all about it. Even if you’ve only dipped your toe (or paw) into the vast sea of online entertainment, you’ll feel inspired by what we’re about to share.

The history of video games and casino games
To start, let’s take a brief look at the history of each type of game. Casino games, as we all know, have a long history. From the days of playing card games in Venice while wearing tricorn hats and carnival masks to the variety of slots available online today, playing games to win money is nothing new. The only thing that might have changed is the format and the technology used to share them.
Video games, on the other hand, are a relatively recent phenomenon. During the 20th century, various audiovisual developments took place, like the invention of the television, personal computers, and of course, the internet, which all created a solid foundation for video games to launch from. Some of the first video games you ever played were probably at the local arcade, which you would have paid for using actual coins instead of virtual ones!
From there, games evolved from arcade games to ones that you could play at home, including PC and console games. Today, you can play video games online, along with players from all over the world, thanks to multiplayer functionality.

Examples of video games and casino games colliding
When you start to think about it, you can see how video games and casino games would naturally come together. While there’s a lot to be said for the ambience of a land-based casino, once technology started to allow for games to be played online, it’s no surprise that casinos shifted their offerings online too.

The drive to develop more skill-based games
Over the years, video gameplay has become way more advanced and sophisticated, which has, in turn, led to a demand for casino games that are not only fun to play but also mentally stimulating. This is why there are developers who specifically focus on designing more “skill-based” games for casinos, which combine the joy of playing video games with having the chance to win some meow-vellous prizes!

In-game gambling with loot boxes
It can also work the other way around, in that many video games have elements of gambling incorporated within them. One of the most common ways that this happens is through “loot boxes,” where players can purchase random assortments of goods that could potentially aid them in their gameplay ... or not!
Anyone who has ever played video games will also know that there are many role-player games (RPGs) where gambling and gambling-inspired in-game challenges play a central role, for example in games like Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher, and Final Fantasy.

The phenomenal rise of eSports betting
Another way in which gambling and video games are coming together is in the exciting world of eSports. In this growing industry, people all over the world watch professional players play a video game on a screen and bet on who they think is going to win. Far from just watching people sit behind a computer and play games, e-Sports professionals take their training seriously and are considered athletes in their own right. You only need to see the size of an eSports arena to know how popular this form of entertainment is!

How all online games overlap
Today, all online games are similar in one way or another, as they all use online and audiovisual technology to operate. To talk specifically about casino games, whether you prefer to play online bingo games, spin the reels or bet on cards, all of these are played on a screen and rely on decades-worth of development (which has resulted in being able to create more life-like images and gaming scenes!).
Where these might differ is in their format and content. For example, slot games are very different from live casino games. But, saying that, you do get live casino games that incorporate elements of slots (such as bonus wins), so perhaps all of them take inspiration from each other at the end of the day!
An example of a slot game that has a particularly “video game” feel is Starburst, thanks to its retro space theme. The falling gems, and the bonus round where you need to match up all kinds of colourful candy-like symbols on a grid to win, could also remind some of us of a mobile game like Candy Crush, which took the world by storm.. There are also many examples of slot games that are based on successful video games.
With games like Slingo, you have the perfect example of a “collision” too, where the best of two different types of games, i.e. slots and bingo, have been brought together for maximum enjoyment! In particular, Slingo Advance has a distinct arcade-game aesthetic and might make you feel like you’re playing nostalgic PC or console games, thanks to the synth-inspired soundtrack.

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/ 16 September 2021