How to Celebrate Word Nerd Day

Bookworms, grammar police and logophiles, today is your day. January 9th celebrates word nerds around the world, and we’re here to show you how to embrace your nerdiness for the love of words! Whether you're a voracious reader, lover of unique and beautiful words, or the one all your friends go to for CV and message checks, Word Nerd Day celebrates you!

While bingo games embrace numbers and slots make use of pictures, words have a special and important place in our world, from communication to the arts. While the origin and history of this special day are as mysterious as many of our favourite words, nerds around the world are grateful to whoever established it! So, put on your reading glasses and let's explore fun ways to celebrate Word Nerd Day this January.

How to Celebrate Word Nerd Day

Each year on the 9th of January, word nerds are encouraged to share more about their favourite words, show off their vocabulary skills and of course, learn about even more interesting, unusual words. So dust off your dictionary or get your favourite book off the shelf and celebrate.

Visit a bookstore or library

Word nerds often seek sanctuary in books, and often find it in bookstores and libraries! If you've been searching for a reason to visit your favourite library again, or a special occasion to explore some of the world’s most extraordinary bookshops, Word Nerd Day is the perfect excuse. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in words, you’ll also be surrounded by people who share your love and appreciation of them. You’ll be sure to meet many wonderful and interesting characters – whether in the pages of a book or sitting across from you, making these book-filled buildings ideal places from which to celebrate this special day.

Do a crossword puzzle

Besides being incredibly interesting, insightful and enjoyable, crossword puzzles actually have a number of benefits for your brain! Unlike mindless games that allow you to tune out and distract yourself, crosswords require you to think. This means they improve cognitive abilities, give you a sense of accomplishment, expand your general knowledge and vocabulary, and keep your brain in tip-top shape. So whether you play online or find a crossword puzzle in the local newspaper, this is another fun way to learn new words and celebrate the day.

Share your favourite word on social media

While many word nerds love reading, others love writing, and some love both. What better way to celebrate your love of words than to do some writing – whether you're new to it or it's something you’ve been indulging in for a while. Social media is a great place to share your creativity and passions, and your favourite word is as good as writing prompts could possibly get.

Why not share your favourite word and the meaning behind it, as well as why you love it and how it’s influenced the way you see or experience the world? From rare and intriguing words like splendiferous or metanoia to hilarious words you won’t believe are actually a part of the English language like abibliophobia or flibbertigibbet, be the reason someone else learns a new word today. Use the hashtag #WordNerdDay to connect with the other people celebrating around the world.

Learn a new word

Speaking of learning a new word, while sharing your favourite words can be a really fun thing, learning a new word yourself is absolutely essential on this day. Who knows, you may even end up learning your new favourite word! By using the #WordNerdDay hashtag, you can see what words captivate other word nerds around the world, or you could do it the old-fashioned way by getting out your dictionary or even reading a new book.

Play Scrabble with a friend or online

Scrabble is another word nerd favourite and has been for nearly a century! It was invented in 1933 by an architect who had some time on his hands when he found himself jobless during the Great Depression (proving that everything really does happen for a reason). However, it wasn't called Scrabble until 1948, before which it went through a few names including lexico and crisscross words. Of course, it wouldn't be Scrabble without being named Scrabble, which, as you know, is what makes words so cool! Either way, a good game of Scrabble is certainly in order on January 9th.

Host a book club

Similar to bookstores and libraries, book clubs bring like-minded people together to share their love for words, books and reading. Hosting or joining a book club in the name of Word Nerd Day offers you and your friends the opportunity to get together and geek out. Make sure to choose a book brimming with intriguing words, and don't forget the cheese platter!

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/ 13 January 2022