How To Be a Bingo Host with the Most

Most of us would agree that you don’t have to go out to have a blast. With the internet at your fingertips, these days the world comes to you. So, if you haven’t already got down to hosting your first online bingo night in, we’re giving you the tips you need to be the bingo host with the most!
Before we get down to details, you’ll need to decide whether you’d prefer to host a real, in-person bingo game or have your guests play via a game hosted online, because this will affect how you plan the logistics. Now let’s find out how you can throw the best bingo party for your friends!

Choose a terrific theme

Deciding on the right theme for your party is not only a terrific way to focus your décor and food choices, if it has relevance to your guests, it can also add a touch of nostalgia or personal meaning to the event.
If you’re not sure where to start, look for a theme that ties into any common interests within the group. For example, if most of your guests were teenagers in the 1990s, then a 1990s theme might go down well. Or if you met on a bingo site and bonded while playing your favourite games, then go with a digital-themed party and include lots of LED tube lights and perhaps a robot/futuristic dress code! If you’re all university friends, you could maybe create your own bingo cards that echo your shared experience with each square illustrating an aspect of campus life.
Going all out with a bingo theme can be fun. You can string together bingo markers around a cylindrical vase as table decorations, or hang up game cards on a string to create your own banners, and scatter counting chip markers on the tables for a pop of colour. In fact, almost anything – cups, plates and napkins – can be “bingofied” when you let your imagination run wild!
Take time to work on your theme ideas and you’ll find that many other aspects of your party will fall into place.

Amp up the ambience

You certainly don’t need to have a lot of space to host the ultimate bingo party. But if you have the urge to replicate traditional bingo hall seating, resist! You’ll need to do quite a bit of adjusting to fit friends comfortably into your home space for your bash. Nobody feels relaxed when crammed into row-based seating, so think out of the box. Create a series of comfortable seating areas that make allowance for traffic flow. Use your kitchen as a refreshment station and other rooms as conversation areas.
Use décor, music and lighting to carry your theme through and to create the desired ambience. If you’ve chosen a digital theme for your twenty-something friends, use lots of blue tube lighting and set up your electronic music playlist on laptops, PCs or futuristic-looking speakers.
If you opt for a more traditional game replete with a caller, cage and cards, make sure everyone can hear the caller clearly and there is enough lighting for players to easily mark off their numbers.

Tickle the taste buds

There’s a reason why crisps, chocolates and packets of peanuts were the bingo snacks of choice for so many years. They’re easy to dip into during play or between games. Keep this in mind when planning your menu (although you may of course wish to serve more healthy options). While you may not want to go the convenience food route, you can always adapt your menu by creating bite-sized versions of each item or course. Supplying small plates, plenty of napkins and a self-serve beverage station with bottled drinks will go down a treat.
Rope friends or family into acting as party assistants, to clear away empty plates and glasses and make sure each guest has something to eat and wet their whistles at all times.

Shine your balls

If you’re hosting a traditional bingo fandango, you’ll need bingo balls, a cage and a caller, but you don’t have to fork out a fortune to buy equipment, especially if your party is going to be a once-off affair. You can hire a manually operated bingo cage, balls and check-off board from certain party suppliers. On the other hand, if your circle intends on making these parties a regular thing, then you can buy your equipment from many of the large, online shopping sites. Don’t forget your cards and markers, or counting chip plastic markers if you’d prefer.
In the same way, you can get a friend to learn the traditional bingo calls and act as a caller, or hire a professional caller for a truly authentic touch. You’ll find a number of callers-for-hire through a simple online search.
Of course, if you’ve opted to play online bingo only, you won’t need equipment or a caller, but you’ll need to remind your guests to bring a suitable playing device with them. And if not everyone is into bingo, you could also consider the option of playing Slingo bingo and slot games instead.

Pick the perfect prizes

Who loves a good prize then? Absolutely everyone, we hear you say! So, give your guests prizes, and not only for the ultimate winner (of course, if you’re playing bingo online you won’t have to worry, because the online casino will take care of this!). You could include a “best-dressed” reward and even give a “wooden spoon” prize to the player who fails to achieve a pattern or complete a single line. You don’t have to break the bank to do this, either – just have a few up your sleeve for the appropriate moments.
If you’re prepared to ask them, each guest could contribute a prize to the pot or you could even offer your own expertise as a prize. This could be a certain number of free tuition hours or another service you’re capable of providing. Your main aim is to make sure all your guests (and yourself) are in the zone and enjoying themselves, but that shouldn’t be just about winning prizes – it’s getting together and taking part that’s really fun!

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If you want to create all the fun of a bingo party without having to hire the equipment, simply ask each guest to bring along their device of choice and hand out cards that guide them through the simple steps to register on our site. This way, they’ll be able to play bingo as well as slots and Slingo (the exciting bingo and slots hybrid). No doubt about it: you’ll definitely be the host with the most, hands down!
/ 16 December 2021