How Bingo is Played Around the World

While online bingo sites may be the way most people play today, thanks to it being incredibly convenient and offering a massive variety of games, that hasn’t always been the case. Join us at Kitty Bingo as we take a look at how bingo is played around the world and the different ways that people play.


Australians have been enjoying bingo, or as it’s more commonly known, housie, for decades. Australian players currently enjoy three of the most popular types of bingo games: 75-, 80-, and 90-ball bingo. The 90-ball variant is the UK version (which we’ll unpack in more detail later), while the 80-ball game is closer to the US version of the game (which we also cover later), albeit with a smaller 4x4 bingo card.


While Japan has very strict rules regarding gambling in person, legislation has yet to be put in place clearly legalising or banning gambling online. This means you can easily play online bingo in the country, which has allowed it to flourish. In fact, the biggest online game ever was hosted by Coca-Cola Japan, with 493,824 people logging on to play an online game at its (now-closed) media platform Coca-Cola Park. According to the Guinness World Records, this record was set on 3 September 2010 and has yet to be broken.


While it may not be common knowledge to the rest of the world, bingo is actually a remarkably popular game in Sweden. The bingo-playing residents of this Scandanavian country not only play in bingo halls and online, they also fancy a bit of drive-in bingo! In 2015, The Guardian reported that young Swedish players had embraced this new way of playing during the summer, as it allowed them to enjoy the game, as well as a bit of time in the countryside. The article also highlighted that, unlike the US and UK, a lot of players at the time were young – a contrast to the stereotype that bingo is only played and enjoyed by older folk.