Hilarious Robbery Stories

Robberies, as we all know, are wrong, but some are just downright ridiculous! Here at Kitty Bingo, to celebrate the launch of our latest game, Beat the Bobbies at the Tower of London, we’ve come up with these humdingers to entertain you. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest robberies to have ever taken place!

A Bandit With An Unusual Disguise

One crafty crook came up with his own style of camouflage – taping twigs and leaves to his face. However, police weren’t fooled by this ‘mask’ as he was identified from the bank’s security camera footage.

A Burglar Was Caught When He Laughed At A Joke

A couple caught a thief in their home after returning from running errands. While opening the door, the husband told a funny story and heard the intruder laughing out loud. That must have been a heck of a joke. Ha-ha!

A Thief Had His Name And DOB Tattooed On His Neck

Police did not have to do much to identify this clumsy robber. He was filmed breaking into a car specially-rigged with cameras before making off with a sat-nav. The crook failed to spot the covert camera, which captured the crucial information 'Evans 19.9.87' boldly tattooed on his neck.

A Robber With An Interesting Choice of Weapon

A woman in Hungary once tried to loot a grocery store with a can of “gas” spray. Fortunately, the shop assistant realised it was just deodorant. No need for sniffer dogs in this case!

The Smartest Pickpocket To Have Stolen A Credit Card

A man had his wallet stolen, which contained both his credit card and PIN code. However, since the robber was spending less every month than his wife did, the man decided not to report it to the police.

It’s fair to say these burglars and their fails are pretty amewsing. Such stories have inspired the creation of many online games. Beat the Bobbies at The Tower of London is one of the latest, and best, additions. Join the heist action at Kitty Bingo today!

Lisa Stormings / 14 May 2020