Hello Beau-tea-ful!

Honestly, tea is a national institution. Even our work breaks are ‘tea breaks’. You see, we’ve always held the drink in high regards and with good reason. Aroma, taste, strength – there’s a lot that goes into a good brew!

There are over 1,000 different types of tea that are served in British homes, each varying in terms of style and flavour. But none seem to match the strong and divine taste of Black Tea! With the favourite varietals being old standards like English Breakfast and Builders Tea, many take it with milk, but we enjoy it without: punchy and aromatic. Did you know that Black Tea is the most consumed type of tea in Britain? We’re not a surprise (pours another cup).

The second most popular is Earl Grey! It started as a black tea but when new varieties were cultivated, Earl Grey was given its own category. This tea is often served without milk and takes longer to brew. Infused with bergamot notes to mask some of the bitterness, this orange-y flavour certainly adds to its soothing benefits.

But if you want to go for something a little more nutirious, then brew some Green Tea! Drinking Green Tea is said to have multiple health benefits, and thanks to its lack of caffeine and no added milk or sugar, it is considered a “healthier” alternative to our favourite black tea. Refreshing, natural and green, you’ll likely find green tea in the cupboards of people who’ve stuck to their ‘new year, new me’ resolutions!

Then there’s Herbal Tea. A recent craze in the UK, many people are choosing them for their wide varieties of flavours and the benefits they believe come with them. For example, some drink chamomile tea before bed as they feel it helps them sleep. Not all versions of this tea are bitter; some are made from fruit extracts, with berries being particularly popular.

“But I only drink Chinese Tea!” We hear you cry – don’t worry, we’ve got one for you too. Oolong is a semi-fermented Chinese tea. It’s a popular type of tea in the UK, with varying flavours from woody to fruity. The flavours are determined by the natural ingredients added during the creation of each blend. Because of the lengthy process of preparation, Oolong can be quite costly.  But for those who love it, it’s worth it!

Whatever your prefence, we know one thing for sure – it’s always tea-time somewhere! So every moment is a right moment to enjoy a cuppa while playing online slots!

Lisa Stormings / 01 April 2020