Gunther IV, the 253 Million Pound German Shepherd

Like Louis Sabin once said, “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich!” Like every dog has its day, Gunther had it all at once!

Oh My Kitten! Have you heard of the world’s richest dog? The beautiful mongrel is well taken care of, like most people. Ha-ha! As instructed by his late owner, Gunther has his very own butler who cooks, cleans and drives him anywhere he needs to be. Where would a dog need to be other than the yard playing? Or sticking his head out the window and letting his tongue wag with the breeze! Wish you were in his paws right? All he needs to do now is learn how to talk. Boo ya!

His father was Gunther III. The beautiful German Shepard mutt passed on his inheritance of £96 million from his owner Countess Karlotta Liebenstien of Germany to his pup Gunther IV. Most dogs have bones, Gunther has millions! The countess’s trustees invested more into him and made him the most valuable dog in the world with a whopping £227 million! Lucky dog!

Everyone went crazy when this story hit the media. Like most animals are lovable, so is Gunther, but with classy taste. He owns Madonna’s previous mansion for seven million bucks and villas across Italy and the Bahamas. He enjoys expensive white truffles as treats and loves watching Eastenders.

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/ 04 November 2019