Fur is Flying Over New Film, Cats!

Ever since the trailer landed in July 2019, critics and the public in general have been fairly skeptical about the upcoming movie, Cats.

Now we usually love all things kitty-related here, but with the recently-released flick being described as ‘disturbing’, ‘demented’ and ‘nightmarish’, we’re a little unconvinced – and that’s before reading the Observer’s review that suggests it will ‘haunt viewers for generations’.

Is it the lack of plot, the too-human faces or the weirdness of things like a cat wearing a fur coat that viewers are finding so unsettling? Probably a mix of all three.

But some theatre critics think we’re being too harsh – many of the elements people have complained about were always present in the theatrical production.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical about a gang of Jellicle cats vying for a place in kitty-heaven was beloved by audiences for decades. It also won both praise and awards across the board in the West End and on Broadway.

But seemingly that warm, fuzzy feeling hasn’t translated onto the screen.

Even with a star-studded lineup featuring Idris Elba as Macavity, Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy and Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella – her performance of the ballad Memory might be one of few high points – this fur-raising spectacle seems doomed to the litter tray of history.

Then there’s Taylor Swift (who’s turn as Bombalurina has earned some applause) and her revelation that the cast attended ‘cat school’, where they spent ‘hours on end of barefoot crawling on the floor, hissing at each other.’ Bizarre.

We suggest maybe save your pennies and skip the trip to the cinema for this one. There’s plenty of cute and funny cat videos on YouTube that you can watch for free. and plenty of online slots you can play at Kitty Bingo!

Lisa Stolmings / 10 January 2020