Festive Season Gifts for Your Pet

Your furry friends deserve to be showered with love this festive season. Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to get working on that present list! From snuggling with you while you’re playing bingo or slots online to being a constant source of calm, they deserve to share in some festive cheer. So, in between playing bingo games online, don’t forget to pick up a thoughtful gift or two for your furry friend.

Here are some great present ideas for your pets.

1. Dog water bottle for walking

Staying hydrated is extremely important, and our doggie friends need to have water during and after a good walk. You can now get clever, on-the-go water bottles for dogs. These neat devices help to ensure your dog is always hydrated. Simply press the button on the bottle and water will drain out into the attached bowl. It’s a really efficient drinking device because it allows you to filter the water back into the bottle until next time. This dog water bottle is great for hikes, walks, and car rides. You’ll probably also get enviable looks from your fellow dog walkers, who’ll wish they’d thought of it first.

2. A chasing toy

As the cold weather sets in, playing online bingo in the comfort of your home makes perfect sense. Now that your cosy indoor lifestyle beckons, what will your kitty get to do? Well, a chasing toy is the perfect gift to keep your kitty active, since they will be spending more time indoors as the chill sets in. Battery-operated chasing toys and play circuits are ideal as they engage your cat’s natural senses of touch, hearing and sight. (Of course, if you have a pooch, you might be looking more at frisbees and balls, but we hope we’ve given you a spark of inspiration. You can take it from here!)

3. Tasty treats

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the best tasty treats. And that goes for your pets, too! Our furry friends would sure appreciate some delicious treats for themselves as you snack away while playing the best Slingo games. As long as your dog or cat isn’t overweight, it’s perfectly okay to give them an extra Christmas-inspired treat. You can find a variety of pre-packaged treats that your pet will adore (they might already have their favourite!). After all, you push the boat out for you and your guests during the festivities, so why should your pets miss out?

4. Personalised pet stocking

Everyone deserves a personalised Christmas stocking, including your very own furry pal. It is a lovely way to include your pet in the all-important Christmas traditions. Go ahead and fill their personalised pet stocking with some special treats. You might need to give them a bit of a helping hand to get their paws on them, but they’ll love the novelty of it!

5. Snuggle blanket

Perfect for those cold wintry days, a snuggle blanket is a great gift for any dog. Look for one with a reversible design that provides a soft, plush lining for cold snuggle days and a faux suede side cover for warmer days. Comfort is key when it comes to relaxing, and including your pet in the quest for ultimate luxury at home will make it feel truly “part of the family”.

6. Sushi cat toy

Sushi-shaped toys will prove to be a great source of entertainment for your feline buddy. These chunky, rollable sushi shapes are ideal for active play and will encourage your kitty to exercise their natural hunting instincts. Get your camera ready to capture adorable cat content for your Instagram feed, if you feel like sharing the moment.

7. Quilted dog coat

While your dog may have a very good coat of its own, sometimes they need a little bit more comfort, especially for those bracing winter walks. But why not do it in style? Keep your four-legged friend warm in an eye-catching quilted jacket. Your pawsome best friend is sure to stand out in this unique and custom-made item of pet clothing. Don’t forget to get the right size, though, or they’ll look ridiculous!

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Your furry friends won’t be able to get their paws on some of the best slot games and online bingo, but we hope you’ll find that these festive season gifts bring joy to their pure hearts. They should also serve as a great way to keep them entertained while you play slots and bingo games with a nice cup of hot chocolate to hand. One thing’s for sure: everybody wins when there’s a happy pet in the home!

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/ 24 December 2021