DIY Cat and Owner Matching Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, boyfriends are out and cats are in! We’re carving out pumpkins, buying plenty of candy, playing the best spooky-themed slot games and online bingo, and planning our duo costumes.

What will you and your kitty be donning this Halloween? We have a few playful ideas that will be sure to earn you the title of best-dressed!

Dr. Seuss-inspired

This costume is a three-character ensemble that involves The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2! Who wears what will depend on how many humans and how many cats your trio consists of. If you have two cats, they’ll be Thing 1 and Thing 2, and you’ll be The Cat In The Hat (we’ll call this scenario 1), whereas if you and your partner have one cat, the two of you will be Thing 1 and Thing 2, and your kitty will get to be The Cat in the Hat (we’ll call this scenario 2).

Scenario 1: For your two kitties outfits, you’ll need to buy two red cat sweaters and either embroider or paste a white circle stating “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” onto the back of the sweaters. To safely get some blue spiky hair going, you can simply add some blue food colouring to a bowl and gently colour the tops of their heads with a makeup brush, which will easily rinse off, or just leave that out. The human part of the outfit is The Cat in the Hat costume, for which you’ll need a big red bow to go around your neck, some whiskers drawn on your cheeks, and of course, a big white and red striped hat.

Scenario 2: If you and your partner are going as Thing 1 and Thing 2, you’ll need two human red sweaters, and just like in the above scenario, you’ll either need to embroider, or simply paste, two white circles that say “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” onto the front of the sweaters, and get two wild blue wigs. For your cat, all you’ll need is the famous white and red striped hat and a little red ribbon. Simply tie the red ribbon around your cat's neck and pop him/her in the hat, and there you have it – The Cat in the Hat!

Batman and Robin

We may all want to be Batman but if you have a black cat you simply can't miss out on the opportunity that has presented itself to you. To make your kitty into the best Batman (or woman) ever, all you’ll need is some black felt from which you can cut out the iconic black eye mask with little ears and a small black cape. Make a small hole in each side of the mask and cape, and then insert a thin black ribbon to secure the mask and cape. Get yourself some green tights, knee-length black socks, and a red leotard, and there you have it – Batcat and Robin – the best superhero duo ever!


Is this Halloween a girls night for you and your furry friend? Why not go all out and embrace your inner princess! With some tulle and sewing skills, you can make gorgeous matching tutus for you and your cat. Pair these with pretty headbands and throw on a pair of heels, and the two of you are sure to be the most beautiful princesses at the party!

Little Red Riding Hood

For this duo, your cat is getting a delightful red cloak, and you get to be the Big Bad Wolf disguised as her grandmother! Of course, if you'd prefer to be Little Red Riding Hood, you could always sell your cat as the Big Bad Wolf, but we doubt you're going to get a pair of glasses on your cat with ease!

You’ll need some red material to sew into a basic cloak for your cat, and a nightgown and nightcap for yourself. And don’t forget to draw some whiskers on too!

Ancient Egypt

Celebrate the mystical culture of Ancient Egypt, who (like us) honoured cats as sacred and powerful beings. We call this costume Cleocatra, as you and your feline friend will get to dress up in true goddess style. Your kitty will need a gold headband with pieces of black hair from a wig sewn into the sides, and a golden cloak, and you’ll need a jewelled collar, beaded headpiece and some winged eyeliner to complete the look.

Black tie

If you're going for an elegant look this Halloween, and already have a beautiful dress or snazzy suit in your wardrobe, keep things simple by making or buying a little black bowtie, and possibly even some cute cuffs for your cat's paws. With a little creativity, this can be an easy and fairly comfortable costume for you and your most stylish kitty.

Star Wars

Not only is Star Wars one of the best movie series of all time, but it also makes for some of the best Halloween costumes! For epic Star Wars-inspired costumes for you and your cat, Mr Fluffels will be going as a Wookie, and you’ll get to choose between going as Princess Leia or Han Solo, depending on your preference. Your kitty already has fur so they’re halfway there! They’ll just need an ammo strap – which you can make from a base belt of black felt, with white strips pasted on. Tie your hair in two buns and put on a cute white frock for a Leia-inspired look, or get a white shirt, black waistcoat, a pair of leather boots, and a western-style gun holster if you’re going as Han Solo, and you're all set for an intergalactic mission!

A witch and her bat

For this traditional Halloween costume, you will need a witchy hat and a black cat. Now don't go rushing out to buy a cat just for this costume (unless you plan on giving it a loving forever home), but if there happens to be one lying on your keyboard as you read this, that’ll do just fine!

Get some firm black felt and cut out little bat wings for your little black cat. Put on your witch’s hat and a black dress, grab your broom and your bat, and head out for a night of magic!

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

For an easy yet unpurrgetable costume, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is the way to go! Your Tinkercat will need some pretty green wings, and you’ll need a green hat, some tights, and a little fairy dust!

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/ 20 October 2021