Cute Kitty Names Inspired by Gambling

Cute Casino and Gambling Names to Give Your Cat

We’re all about bringing the best online casino games to your screen, with a feline twist. For all our fans who love pets, we thought it would be fun to share some adorable names for cats, all of them inspired by the games we like to play.

Whether you’re an online bingo player, or you like to get spinning with slots online, you’re sure to find the purrfect name for the next addition to your fur family in the list below:

10 of the best names for cats inspired by casino games

1. Bingo

You might have guessed this name would be at the top of the list – and for good reason! It’s one of the most popular games in the UK, so why can’t it be one of the most popular names for cats, too? Traditionally, “Bingo” might have been a name for male dogs, but we thought it would bring a smile to anyone’s face to hear this name being called and then seeing a cat. Unfurtunately, we can’t guarantee that your furry companion will come to you when you call it, though!

2. Blackjack

This name could be shortened to “Jack”, but we like the sound of the full name, especially if it’s given to a black cat which, despite any superstition, could be considered very lucky! We also like to think this is a great feline name, as with all of our moggies’ crafty tricks and wiles, we’re sure these animals could easily beat the dealer to 21 (if not by guile, then by distraction!).

3. Spin

For all of our slots fans, this is a name that will resonate with you! Everyone likes free spins, so why not give your pet a nice, monosyllabic name that’s associated with all of that extra fun? Since most cats aren’t particularly energetic, except in short spurts, this could be a very appropriate, and perhaps tongue-in-cheek, name too.

4. Lucky

Lucky is another name that is common with canines, but why can’t cats be lucky, too? You’ll probably remember from your last bingo game that the call for 7 is “lucky seven”, so every time you get this number, you’ll think of your cute furry companion.

The number 7 is also lucky when it comes to slot games, so whether you like to daub numbers or push “spin”, this name should work for you.

5. Jackpot

Another play on the name “Jack”, obviously we think “Jackpot” is the ultimate name for a pet, as you’ll always think about winning one when you call them to get their dinner. Of course, as with any kind of jackpot, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be there when you call (or play), but when you do get that win or that well-deserved purr-filled snuggle, you’ll have a big smile on your face.

6. Chip

The first thing that comes to mind with this word is a tasty potato snack, but your next cat might be so adorable you’ll feel like eating it up too (metaphorically, of course). This makes “Chip” a wonderful name for a kitty, especially if you’re also a fan of table games where you use chips to place a bet. Once again, with their nimble claws and ability to always land on their feet (how do they manage it?), we’re sure that any cat would be a master at games like poker, even though they might try to grab the spinning ball before any bets are made in roulette!

7. Nala

We know you’re thinking about the Lion King here, and that’s purrfectly fine! Nala is a powerful lioness in the movie, which makes this a top name for any creature from the Felidae family. The main reason for choosing this name, though, is that it’s also the name of a Hindu god who had a penchant for gambling, which means this name can work for both genders.

8. Pai Gow

The name “Pai Gow” loosely translates as “make nine”, which couldn’t be more fitting for a kitty name, given they have all of those 9 lives! 

Pai Gow is a Chinese gambling game played with dominoes, and a type of poker, which uses a traditional pack of cards instead of the dominoes. You could name your cat after other types of poker, too, but we thought this one was the most catchy!

9. Queen

Of course, cats behave like they are royalty anyway, no matter what you name them. But, we thought that a name like “Queen” would be an absolutely pawsome name for a regal feline, especially since the call for number 17 is “dancing queen”! If you’re a fan of ABBA or Freddie Mercury, that’s a bonus. If kitties could sing, we’re sure they probably wouldn’t need to belt out tunes about having to stop what they’re doing or wanting to break free, since they’re so good at doing what they like, anyway! 

10. Gertie

Here’s another name that falls more towards the feminine side of the feline realm: we thought the name “Gertie” would also be very online bingo-appropriate, as the call for the number 30 is “dirty Gertie”! We’re not sure how dirty Gertie actually is\/was, but we know that cats are very good about keeping themselves clean. If you’re looking for a version of this appellation for a tomcat, “Gert” is probably the closest you’ll get (and even then, you could still call him “Gertie” if you like).

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/ 08 March 2021