Craft Trends of 2020

Craft-maniac or absolute rookie? There’s something special about creating things with your own hands and it’s a great way to escape from your day to day life. Make your next project extra special with these top trending ideas.

Kitties Love Knitting

You don’t need special genes to manipulate a knitting needle and some yarn, right? But with knitting, there’s one thing that you do need to have – patience. This virtue lets you turn wool into patches and patches into clothes. There was a renewed interest in knitting in 2019 and this has carried over into 2020 as well. The craft is easy and loads of YouTube channels offer free tutorials. Plus, customised socks and scarfs make great gifts.

Aunt Marble’s Favourite – Marbling

Have you ever seen those gorgeous, abstract patterns on canvas that look like marble? There’s a technique called paper marbling that allows you to do it on paper! The rules are simple; put water in a tank, drizzle some oil paint, mix with a stick to create a mixture and carefully add in the paper! Since oil floats on water, the paint stays on the surface and can easily transfer to the absorbent surface. Go ahead, unleash your inner Picasso!

Bomb The Bath!

Blow up your bathtub in a colourful fizzy concoction with chunks of great-smelling soap. Bath bombs have been popular for many years now, starting as simple and innocent white bombs. Now, they are a real treat with their rainbow colours and exfoliating purposes! (We might pop one or two in our bath tonight.) and are some of the sites that offer “recipes” to make bath bombs. Go ahead… try making some bombs today.

Candle-licious Crafts

Turns out, homemade candles cost not much to make and can rival the expensive ones. It’s an easy project involving melting, mixing and moulding. You could also go the extra mile with carving your candles to give them a beautiful finish. With some easy tutorials by (yes, guys!), you can make fragrant candles for yourself or for giving as gifts!

The Japanese Art Of Origami

Origami is about folding paper in the right way so that it resembles an animal or object. The practice continues to be of interest, especially when someone manages to discover a new style or way to do Origami. Baffle your friends with your paper folding techniques… but remember, it takes much more than hand movements and nice paper colour to make good Origami.

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Lisa Stolmings / 13 March 2020