Bingo-Inspired Foods & Beverages

Are you soon to be hosting an exciting and competitive bingo night amongst friends and family? Perhaps you’re throwing a bingo-themed house party set to be attended by loved ones who are big fans of online bingo games?

Either way, if bingo is the focus of your bash, you’ll undoubtedly be on the lookout for bingo-inspired foods and beverages to complement your theme and décor. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bingo pizza-making station

This is a creative and interactive idea for all bingo game lovers out there. It might even be just as entertaining as playing the game itself!

Set up a pizza-making station offering a variety of different toppings. Some can be classic toppings, such as mushrooms, olives, anchovies, and pineapple, while others can be a bit different and daring, such as blueberries, sweets, and gherkins. You could mark each bowl containing each topping with a number and ask each guest to draw a number from a hat. The number they draw will correspond with a topping that they must then add to their pizza. They’re free to draw as many (or as few) numbers as they like!

Once your hungry guest is happy with their creation (here’s hoping they got lucky with their choices and didn’t end up with a questionable blueberry and anchovy “masterpiece!”), it’s time to pop the pizza in the oven so it can cook before handing it over for them to enjoy. Don’t forget to snap a few photos for Instagram before they tuck in!

Bingo cupcakes

Sweet treats are always sure to go down well, and it’s difficult to go wrong with cupcakes, regardless of whether you’re hosting a raucous celebration or a low-key bingo night. The best part about cupcakes is that you’re free to decorate them however you like, ensuring they’re a perfect fit for your chosen theme.

In the case of a bingo-themed bash, you could consider decorating them simply with numbered circles made out of fondant. Take it to the next level by topping them with edible bingo balls, or really put your artistic skills to the test and craft your very own edible bingo daubers in a variety of bright colours. Be sure to explore Pinterest for more ideas to get your creative juices – and your icing – flowing!

The virgin bingo cocktail

While it’s difficult to say how it’s actually related to traditional or online bingo, it makes sense to serve up classic, virgin “bingo” cocktails at your bingo-themed do. Luckily, you don’t need to be a talented bartender to get the recipe right.

All you’ll need is plenty of ice cubes, equal parts cranberry and grapefruit juice, and soda water to taste. Finish with a splash of lemon or lime juice and a citrus wedge for a refreshingly tangy zing.

Bingo ball doughnuts

Believe it or not, doughnuts are relatively easy to make, especially if you’re looking to make a larger batch of nibbles. It’s simple to adjust a recipe to make a much bigger portion of dough to accommodate the sweet tooth of all your guests. From there, it’s all about deep-frying, which results in quick, crisp, golden rings of deliciousness.

Scope out a classic doughnut recipe and add that bingo-themed touch by decorating the doughnuts to look just like bingo balls. It’s a good idea to completely submerge each doughnut in white chocolate for that traditional bingo ball aesthetic before piping on numbers using buttercream icing to complete the transformation.

Bingo cake

Pressed for time or can’t be bothered to spend your free moments whipping up a collection of bite-sized treats? Then a large bingo-themed cake is sure to be the next best thing. Make it yourself if you enjoy baking, or call on an expert to do it for you! Rest assured that every slice will be gobbled up with gusto following the evening’s main meal (pizza or burgers are great options for larger gatherings and yummy foods that you needn’t make yourself), or work well as a dessert following a snack of un-themed finger foods of your choice.

There are so many potential designs to consider to give a cake that bingo look and feel. You could make a simple white, vanilla-flavoured cake and line the base with bingo balls made out of fondant. Or let that creative flair come out and top the cake with various edible bingo paraphernalia, from bingo cards and balls to daubers and a bingo cage. Alternatively, you could make bingo ball cake pops.

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/ 18 October 2021