Play 75 Ball Bingo at Kitty Bingo

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Mostly played in Northern America, 75 Ball Bingo is a popular form of bingo. Some rules are similar to the traditional 90 Ball Bingo game. On a bingo game featuring 75 ball, you can purchase numbered cards in the shape of a 5x5 grid.  Each square represents a number ranging from 1 to 75, while the centre one is labelled as ‘Free’.

There are endless winning patterns that you can find in a 75 Ball Bingo game. Each game will come with a different pattern and this can be anything from an Alphabet to a Number or from an Anchor to an Arrow. The possibility of winning patterns is thus endless while playing 75 ball bingo game.

You can be the single winner of the 75 Ball Bingo game by being the first player to cover all the numbers marking the pre-determined pattern on your bingo card. There are various meow-some 75 Ball Bingo rooms at Kitty Bingo such as Splish Splash and the pre-buy game of Weekly Shop.

While playing in 75 ball bingo rooms, you stand the chance to win the 75 Ball Bingo jackpot that keeps on increasing as you play! The Progressive Jackpot is activated at random!

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