• Former cage-fighter wins £53,250.00 on Monopoly slot at Kitty Bingo

    Another cat has got the cream at Kitty Bingo! Darrenw20, a former cage fighter, played the match of his life against our Super Monopoly Money™ online slot game and emerged a £50K winner!

    Undefeated in the ring, and now on Monopoly Bonus wheel too, lucky Darrenw20 showed no fear as took down the jackpot in style with a 100x multiplier win, meowsers!


    We sure wouldn’t want to cat-fight him, but we did want to celebrate with him… so, Kitty Bingo’s VIP Manager Malcolm was proud to take the winner and his wife out on the town and see what this incredible win meant to them...

    Darrenw20’s wife - 'I thought when you suggested meeting us, you would be waiting with one of those huge cheques’

    VIP Manager Malcolm'funny you should say that......!'

    Hooray! Who doesn’t love a big cheque? And after much fun with the photos, talk turned to the moment of gaming glory:

    super-monopoly win

    'I was incomplete shock when I won, the spinner landed on x1, then x100 and I thought OK it’s going to move on in a second, it’s going to move on in a second…..but it then awarded the x100 and the screen showed the win. I just kept looking at the screen, doing the maths in my head to make sure I wasn’t seeing things! I called my wife straight away and told her, she was in disbelief, it still hadn’t sunk in!'

    Next, our winner got down to the serious business of telling us how he would spend his spoils.  Top of the list was paying off the mortgage (our dream too!), and next up was taking the family to America where Darren is passing the torch to a student who training to be a cage winner too. Mixing business with pleasure, we like your style D!

    Finally no win is complete without a bottle of champers and this cool customer knew just the way to make it a double celebration:

    "Thank you so much for our bottle of bubbly, we will be celebrating our anniversary next week and will have it on ice until then!"

    Sounds purrrrfect! Well done again Darrenw20, see you soon! x

    Beetle's Winner Story

    The big day had arrived! Zoe1976, the lucky winner of our Win a Beetle game, was on her way to pick up her brand new wheels! Watch video and read the interview.

    Misty and the Kitty team met a nervous but excited Zoe and her niece Becca at St Pancras station. After a flurry of hugs and congratulations, we all jumped in a black cab for the full London experience... now the prize of a lifetime was just a short ride away!

    Beetle's WinnerEven the David the Taxi driver was super-excited:

    “Where to ladies?” The VW garage please.
    “Are you buying a car then?” No, Zoe’s WON one!
    “Ooooooh well done you! What kind? A Beetle?! OOOOH very trendy! What a fantastic prize to win, especially on New Year’s Day, what a great way to start the year!” – we couldn’t agree more David!

    Turning off the main roundabout, Zoe spotted the VW garage – that’s when the squealing began! The lads at the garage had covered the car so the suspense was heightened as we waited for the big reveal… ta da!

    There was no champers for the driver until she got home of course but all in all, a really fun day was had by all. Just one question Zoe, can we have lift please?


    Kitty InterviewCongratulations Zoe! You must be so excited!
    Thanks, I am. It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve had a car!

    Where are you going to go first?
    I’m going to take my daughter Yasmin, aged 8, for a ride. She wanted to come to London with me today but I told her now we have the car we can come back whenever we like and go to the zoo.

    How is this going to change your life?
    In every way possible to be honest. No more online shopping, more long trips just to use the cash machine (dragging my reluctant daughter along with me!). I was made redundant last year so the car is going to help me find a job, get to interviews and open up more opportunities for where I work now that I have my own transport too. I’m getting my freedom back basically!

    What were the reactions of your loved ones when you told them you’d won this amazing prize?
    My family and friends couldn’t believe it. A couple of them arrived at my house unexpectedly just before the tie-breaker and were rooting for me – I was so nervous I couldn’t watch!

    How are you going to pay back your niece Becca for coming with you today?
    I’ll probably have to babysit (Becca has recently had a baby) and give her some lifts – she already has a car seat for the little one!

    Now you’ve seen the car for the first time – what do you think?
    I LOVE IT! It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I love the fact that it’s Black, that’s the best colour it could be for me. I’ll keep the Kitty stickers on it for a bit and may even out them up in my window at home afterwards (laughs)

    Are you looking forward to showing it off when you get home?
    Oh yeah! I’ve never seen anyone driving a Beetle in Sheffield - it might be the first one!

    What do you think of Kitty Bingo?
    I love the website; it’s fun and easy to use. My favourite game is 90 ball bingo – I’ll be back playing again soon!

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  • charlie0711 won the Goodie Bag Bingo Progressive Jackpot – 28 Mar 2016

    Wow thanks for the vouchers, Kitty Bingo is one of the best bingo sites on the web!


    strawb won £500 on Rainbow Riches – 24 Mar 2016

    Would just like to say a Big Thank you to kitty bingo for my £500 win. I’m very shocked to have won this amount and say everyone should give Kitty Bingo a go as anyone can win!


    sparcook won £681.88p on the Lost Slot of Riches! 18 Mar 2016

    I am very pleased with my £681.88p on a 50p slot! I enjoy playing the slots very much. It just goes to show you don’t have to play expensive games to have a good win, thank you Kitty!


    nic3710 won £500 on new Lucky Leprechaun slot – 10 Mar 2016

    I played with bonus funds and I kept winning so all converted and it was really nice


    marisarty won an iPad playing VIP bingo – 26 Feb 2016

    I won an iPad, woohoo!


    boots9 found £50 in Pandora’s Mystery Box – 20 Feb 2016

    That is fantastic news. Cannot believe I won. This weekend will be a bit more special. Thank you kitty bingo!!


    pixiebelle won £899.28 on White Wizard slot – 16 Feb 2016

    It was really nice to win – I love to play on the site!


    Lolliepoppy won £11,599 on Fire Queen slot for mobile – 21 Jan 2016

    It was amazing to have such a win, I’m so glad I will be able to take my kids to Disneyland!


    Rosemary17 won £1200 on Wild Safari – 14 Jan 2016

    It was really nice, thank you very much.


    Mickywin grabbed £669.10 playing The Lost Slot of Riches Progressive – 13 Jan 2016

    Thanks for the win kitty, always nice just after Christmas!


    emma1361 won £633.80 on Cleopatra from her mobile – 11 Jan 2016

    I just kept on winning, it was amazing


    disco1701 won £600 on new Rainbow Riches – 28 Dec 2015

    Thank you very much!


    Crisbelle won £627.52 on Fluffy Favourites mini game – 27 Nov 2015

    I was really happy and excited, I was jumping up and down hahaha. It came at a very good moment, thanks a lot


    bex89 won £500 on Over the Rainbow slot for mobile – 23 Nov 2015

    It was very nice, felt very excited as I never won that much!


    Neflix won an iPad and an Apple iWatch on our special Fireworks slot promo – 11 Nov 2015

    It was amazing! I logged in as usual, started to play and won! Was great!


    rosemary17 won £525 on Irish Gold – 6 Nov 2015

    I was shocked, I had to put the laptop closer to ensure that I won and I saw £525 it was amazing!


    tracyc73 won £1012.20 on Gemix video slot – 4 Nov 2015

    I’m over the moon with my big win I’ve never won money like before I couldn’t believe my eyes when the amount came up thank you to kitty bingo for my fabulous win


    Mialew won £125 on Pentagram slot – 28 Oct 2015

    Hi Kitties just to say I saw this game on your Facebook post last night and thought I’d give it a try. So today I won £125 jackpot! It couldn’t have come at a better time as my husband and I have been off work due to our daughter recently having open heart surgery. So, thank you kitty for my first ever jackpot <3


    Arnie36 won £3,022.00 on Gemix for mobile – 28 Oct 2015

    It was amazing! I logged in as usual, started to play and won! Was great!


    cathg1970 won £600.15 on Secret Garden slot for mobile – 27 Oct 2015

    It was awesome, thank you. I already have my list done of the things I want to do!


    Tarzansmate won £636.84 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 20 Oct 2015

    Was delighted with my big win…got wee fluffy elephants and they did a great job!!


    nic3710 won £1002.50 on Gemix for mobile – 12 Oct 2015

    Doubly lucky on Gemix in less than 24 hours


    rosemary17 won £542.30 on Six Appeal slot – 12 Oct 2015

    Very excited, I prefer kitty bingo than other sites as I seem to be very lucky here


    Mac1917 won £940.62 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 12 Oct 2015

    It was a happy surprise!


    lisa211988 won £751 on Lady Luck Deluxe for mobile – 12 Oct 2015

    Hello, thank you I was so shocked to win!! I always see the stories of the big wins and never think that I could be one of them!


    pink8389 won £532.30 on Kitty Bingo slot game – 8 Oct 2015

    I was so shocked to win this much my first big win, i carried on playing with a higher stake and won more couldn’t he happier :) thanks kitty bingo!!”


    LoopyLisa73 won £670.98 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 21 Sept 2015

    A big thank you to Kitty Bingo for my fabulous big win on Fluffy Favourites, couldn’t believe my luck I’m over the moon and back! And to all fellow Kittys, I would like to wish them all the very best of luck! Thank you so much again, I haven’t stopped smiling since!


    Harrysmum won £8,000 on Over the Rainbow slot – 14 Sept 2015

    It was thrilling!


    Bluelucy won £500 on Pot Luck pull tab game for mobile – 9 Sept 2015

    Was absolutely amazing! Thank you.


    Traceyjeff got an early Christmas Gift – a £1,551.15 payout from Santa’s Stash slot! 2 Sept 2015

    I was surprised that I won, it’s a really nice present.


    martine55 won £1,122.90 on Golden Legend for mobile – 27 Aug 2015

    It was fantastic… I really loved it!


    Debbiedolphin won £2,000.00 in one spin on 6Appeal game – 25 Aug 2015

    I was really shocked and delighted to win £2000.00. I didn’t realise that you could win that much from one spin!


    flinty21 won £857.00 on 6Appeal game – 25 Aug 2015

    Worth waiting for the win and very very happy


    theresa0791 won Kitty Bingo’s first VIP iPad bingo game! 20 Aug 2015

    Wow Fantastic news, I never thought I would win an iPad, you have made my day!


    catty999 won £538.50 on Siberian Storm for mobile – 14 Aug 2015

    Love Siberian Storm, I’m always very lucky on it.


    Fanny666 chose her lucky numbers, and daubed them all – she won the £1449.52 bingo progressive jackpot! 3 Aug 2015

    I’m over the moon!


    Oneheet won the Cash Scoop Progressive Jackpot & chose a prize of £1,500 cash! 31 Jul 2015

    Thank you so much, I will be able to buy a new motorbike for my husband! I recommend the site to everyone I know, you are awesome!


    kezuk1 won £3,600 on Snakes & Ladders for mobile! 31 Jul 2015

    I never won anything like that in my life!


    Leeman240 won £2,000 on Over the Rainbow slot! 30 Jul 2015

    I was over the moon to hit a 2k win on the ‘Over The Rainbow’ slot. There was a moment of disbelief when the reels rolled in, did that just happen!?! Thank you Kitty Bingo!


    Helenkk won £553.25 on Jewel of the Dragon slot – 30 Jul 2015

    Thank you so much for the big win!


    Gemmalou94 won £672.50 on Jazz Cat mini game – 30 Jul 2015

    Loved it, thank you very much!


    Comfortzone won £809.60 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 30 Jul 2015

    Thank you very much for my win on fluffy favourites. Love your site and will continue to play.


    Jambolin won £609.94 on Fluffy Favourites for mobile – 23 Jul 2015

    Just love Fluffy Favourites!! Will definitely continue to play on it.


    janine1004 won £2,431 on new 6 Appeal game – 29 Jun 2015

    It’s great to get such a big win on my mobile!


    Eagleeyedderry won £550 on Grease: Danny & Sandy – 22 Jun 2015

    It’s fantastic and was in at a perfect time thanks!


    greeneyes76 won £2,500 on Cash Clowns slot – 21 Jun 2015

    I’m overjoyed with my win and love Kitty Bingo


    Angelwatcher won the Goodie Bag Bingo Progressive Jackpot – 20 Jun 2015

    Thank you for my prize that arrived this morning, £50 Love 2 Shop vouchers for winning the Goodie Bag, I’ll have great fun spending them! ☺


    tam83 won £1,000 on Double Bubble instant game for mobile – 19 Jun 2015

    Wow can’t believe I actually hit the jackpot!! Whoop whoop bring on more wins plz xx


    fifitot1 won £2,900 on Pirate Radio slot for mobile – 14 Jun 2015

    I am over the moon!! And already planning my holiday!


    granny1963 won £1,000 on Quick Hit Cash Wheel – 14 Jun 2015

    It was fantastic and amazing!! This came at the right time


    Pleasecaniwin1 won £2,804 on Shaman’s Dream from her mobile! 20 May 2015

    Wow! So pleased to have won recently. I love Kitty Bingo and playing the slots especially Shamans Dream, couldn’t believe my win! Thank you SO MUCH Kitty Bingo


    Everwish won a bottle of bubbly on the Kitty Bingo Facebook page – 14 Jun 2015

    TYTY Kitty Bingo, recieved my bottle of Prosecco this morning, it’s lovely!


    rchris won a Macbook with Easter Eggs slot – 20 Apr 2015

    When I was first contacted to say I had won a Macbook I thought it was one of those Telesales companies trying to get my details. It was only when I got a second call to confirm my delivery address that I realised I had actually won – a great big thank you to all at Kitty Bingo!


    Loopy9 won £2,000 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 11 Apr 2015

    I enjoyed being here, and happy to be lucky. I like to play on bingo also as the people are very friendly


    Sunshinehellie won an iPad! 2 Apr 2015

    Oh my, what a fantastic surprise, thank you so much… I can’t wait. Thanks Kitty Bingo


    Maryten won a Kindle Fire with Kitty Bingo Progressive Jackpots! 27 Mar 2015

    Just wanted to say thank you so much, my goodie bag prize of a Kindle Fire HDX arrived
    Safe and sound, so pleased to have won it.

    Thank you to all the CHs for making your site such a warm and friendly place to play.
    Win or lose I always have fun.


    nswift won a £200 Ticketmaster voucher with Slot of the Week – 24 Mar 2015

    Yay, another win! Thank you so much to Kitty Bingo. We don’t normally watch shows or anything so this is going to be a great time out. Really looking forward to it, thank you for the opportunity! One happy customer!


    Nanjan hit the Lucky Numbers Bingo Progressive Jackpot for £1,114.02 – WTG! 19 Mar 2015

    II was totally amazed and excited at the same time


    niktoja won a charm necklace on her 1st deposit – 18 Mar 2015

    It’s very nice to find out that I’m one of the winners. I wish I had so much luck with bingo games :) Thank you!


    sassie85 won a charm necklace on her 1st deposit – 18 Mar 2015

    Oh wow thank you very much, after a very exhausting weekend of working, and a lot of stress I’ve been under, it’s great to actually win something, :-D thank you xx


    sophie11 won a kitty charm necklace playing Fluffy Favourites – 18 Mar 2015

    Thank you very much that is wonderful… what a lovely surprize!


    Luckykisses won £2,000 on Jazz Cat slot! 18 Jan 2015

    I’m very happy – Kitty is my favourite website!


    lindabbb81 won free cards & spins for the whole of Dec in Kitty of the Month chat game! 1 Dec 2014

    Wow thanks kitty bingo I am most honoured to be your kitty of the month


    Herface won shopping vouchers playing weekend promo slot, Pearls of India – 11 Nov 2014

    Wow thank you what a Lovely surprise


    Ellenmisss won a shopping voucher on our weekend slots promo – 10 Nov 2014

    Thank you very much kitty bingo, i must say i find kitty bingo the best site ive been on and believe me ive tried them all but yours is great fun win or lose it enjoyable and i will definately be staying around for a long time, thanking you


    Dragista won $105.77 on No Limits Bingo! 6 Nov 2014

    Thank you so much… the staff at Kitty Bingo are so friendly and happy and always make me laugh. It is a fun site to play and lucky for me. The slots are fantastic to play and amongst the top of sites that I’ve seen


    TCcarr won £700 on 5 Line Bingo! 4 Nov 2014

    I like your site, I’m over the moon!


    Cutting1983 won a gold iPhone 6! 1 Nov 2014

    Wow, never in a million years did I think I would win!


    John1951John won £2,260 on Cash Scoop – 20 Oct 2014

    The fantastic win on Cash Scoop Progressive will make for a great Christmas and also a very nice holiday next year. I would like to wish all Kitty members the good fortune I have just experienced, the feeling when it happened was just Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect Kitty. Once again, many thanks Kitty Bingo, Your the Best.


    Kirkruby won big on Fruit Bonanza for mobile… in her first week!

    I deposited £10 and won £1,000!


    bluetattoo is starting her Christmas shopping early…

    Bluetattoo is starting her Christmas shopping early… she won £50 Toys R Us vouchers on Santa’s Stash! 22 Sept 2014

    Just want to say I really do enjoy playing at kitty bingo, I have been a member of other sites but always deleted my account as they are not as good as your site, all the chat hosts are amazing and always willing to help with any query that I have.


    flinty21 can’t stop winning on Bingo & Slots! 6 Sept 2014

    Hi i would like to say thanks to Lady Luck for shining on me. Kitty Bingo is the best site ever a few months ago i won the i pad, then few weeks ago on the promotion i won £25 meal vouchers £50 B +Q vouchers then i won cocktail maker and now a digital camera. Thank you so much Kitty never before have i had such good luck you are the best ……


    joan530191 won a HP Chromebook on the Goodie Bag PJP! 25 Aug 2014

    Just like to say a big thank you for my HP chromebook i won on bank holiday weekend made my day xx


    Rastajill won £1,000 on Fluffy Favourites – 14 Aug 2014

    WOW ty so much kitty for my recent win with you I had to look twice as the numbers just kept going plusssssssss it payed for so much stuff for my new grandchild. I love this site and have done since it opened everyone so helpful but now I love it even more roflllllllll


    Circus58 won the NEW Goodie Bag Progressive Jackpot, an iPhone 5C! 13 Aug 2014

    Thank you very much, I couldn’t be more pleased, what a shock when it flashed up on the screen to say I won, I have never won anything in my life and to be told I had just won an I phone is just unbelievable, this couldn’t have come at a better time as I was looking to replace my old phone very soon, thank you Kitty Bingo.


    SexxyKitty won an iPhone 5C – 1 Aug 2014

    Wow, fabulous, thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Aly2 won an iPad – 22 Jul 2014

    I would just like to say a huge big THANK YOU for my iPad which arrived safely yesterday, my daughter will set it up for me, I tried but failed miserably, my daughter is more up to date than I am on these things loll.
    Looking forward to using it, it was a wonderful surprise to win. I love playing Kitty Bingo, I prefer the slots to the bingo but having said that that the CMs are the friendliest I’ve ever know and make you feel welcome and remember you from the last time you talked even if it’s been months since you’ve been in to chat which is lovely. That’s what makes Kitty Bingo one of the best around! Take care


    Kilty won £150 on 90 Ball Bingo – 21 Jul 2014

    Thank you for my win on bingo wooohooooo £150, this will help me do up my back garden and the rest will be put away for our holiday next year ty again KITTY BINGOOOOOOOOO, Hope ur not missing the sun too much ;) love u all xxxxxxxxxx


    laurelclark46 won $250 on Instant Games – 15 Jul 2014

    I just wanted to say how wonderful the service has been and the quick withdrawal system. Also I enjoy your games and bingo it’s great how far a deposit goes and the bingo is great because there are not too many players, regular wins and good pay outs for the cost of tickets.


    foxyclaire86 won £500 on Fluffy Favourites – 2 Jul 2014

    I was so happy to win, after just having a baby and moving recently it couldn’t be better timing, thank you so much kitty xxx


    Euromouse17 bingoed his way to an iPad – 24 Jun 2014

    I’m surprised and thrilled! Thanks Kitty!


    nicwalker705 won £500 on Fluffy Favourites for mobile – 18 Jun 2014

    Thank you so much for my win I’m over the moon!


    Neflix won an iPhone with Slot of The Week: Temple of Isis! 17 Jun 2014

    “Thank you I am so happy, you made my day , my month, my year!! I am thrilled


    Foylanator won £7,780 on Grease: Danny & Sandy! 14 Jun 2014

    I’m getting married soon so this win has come at a great time!


    Wendnett won £500 on Instant Games – 13 Jun 2014

    Winning £500 was just great, going on holiday next week!


    Mamagrotbags won prizes for every week in June in the Kitty of the Month chat game – 1 Jun 2014

    Wow thanks Kitty!


    morgan26 won £1,000 on Ninja Fruits for mobile – 1 Jun 2014

    I now have some spending money for my holiday, yay!


    ninaenix won £500 on the Kitty Bingo mini game! 28 May 2014

    I was so happy to see that i had won first time ive won big thanx kitty bingo :)


    Donnylou won £430 playing slots on Kitty! 19 May 2014

    I’m so happy with my win. It couldn’t have come at a better time so thank you very much Kitty!


    Leigh12345 won £450 playing Mermaids Millions! 15 May 2014

    I won big on Kitty Bingo and it feels great to win!


    Playgirl96 won £300 playing Temple of Isis! 10 May 2014

    It made me feel great!


    Sophie11 won £314 on instant games! 7 May 2014

    I was so thrilled as I have retired now and I love to play on your site and it was lovey to have a win thank you Kitty Bingo so much


    Valc1 won £350 on instant games! 6 May 2014

    Thank you very much Kitty Bingo!


    booboobluebells won a Herdy Mug in a Kitty chat game!

    Thank you very much I love Kitty bingo, the chat hosts are amazing, they are like brothers and sisters to us roomies. You have so much fun with them and all the roomies enjoy the special games. You could not ask for 2 better bingo sites as both sites have excelled my expectation the way that us roomies get a say in how the sites can be and give ideas. It is so cool and I’ve never seen that in other sites so definitely staying. I hope every one at Kitty has a great week!


    hico4870 won £865.35 on Riches of Ra… in his 1st week! 1 May 2014

    I love to play on Kitty Bingo. I have lots of fun and winning is a bonus.


    icelandicqueen won £500 on Instant Games – 20 Apr 2014

    I love to play on Kitty Bingo. I have lots of fun and winning is a bonus.


    Chevysheila won £320.75 on Bingo! 15 Apr 2014

    Thanks for the wins! I love playing at Kitty Bingo, it is so much friendlier than other sites.


    calendargirl8 won £350 on Fruit Bonanza on her phone! 11 Apr 2014

    This win was so unexpected and I could not believe it really put me on a high and has made my Easter! THANKYOU kitty bingo xx


    Babysim won £530.30 on Wild Huskies – 5 Apr 2014

    I’ve never been a lucky person, and never thought I’d have a lucky break… until now! Thanks Kitty!


    merryxmas7141 won £225 on Secret Garden – 30 Mar 2014

    THANK U so much I’m delighted with my win!