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    nettyneet2 £1K Cash Flash £200 for 5 Lines
    deekays £1K Cash Flash £200 for 4 Lines
    Janilla £1K Cash Flash £200 for 3 Lines
    benjisluck £1K Cash Flash £200 for 2 Lines
    catnap, tommychunk, deitch,
    sharon544, sonia69, RUBY2313,
    welshie67, janmica, janmica & doggysue
    £1K Cash Flash Shared £200 for 1 Line
    flinty21 Win an Ipad Ipad
    alic2008 & mischasnan Everyone's a winner Shared £500
    Lebowski07, debbysue, kezmoky,
    sidney1 & Brutus007
    Welcome £40 Shared £40 bonus
    clareyyyy The Big Dabber £250 for Full House
    clareyyyy The Big Dabber £150 for 2 Lines
    bing0stalker82 The Big Dabber £100 for 1 Line
    currygirl No Limits Monthly £917.30 for Full House
    LittleApple No Limits Monthly £299.96 for 2 Lines
    dduk203 No Limits Monthly £199.97 for 1 Line
    Francesjane No Limits Weekly £175.59 for Full House
    Francesjane No Limits Weekly £105.35 for 2 Lines
    ndanit53, ndanit53 & yfsandhappy No Limits Weekly Shared £70.23 for 1 Line
    angejean Silver £100 £50 for Full House
    jasabell & happyhayzxxx Silver £100 Shared £30 for 2 Lines
    sugar2010 Silver £100 £20 for 1 Line
    aggieceltic Daily No Limits Bingo - April 14th £161.62 for Full House
    currygirl Daily No Limits Bingo - April 14th £177.93 for 2 Lines
    xxbellababes Daily No Limits Bingo - April 14th £64.65 for 1 Line
    Francesjane Daily No Limits Bingo - April 15th £124.38 for Full House
    Dragitsa Daily No Limits Bingo - April 15th AUD 136.93 for 2 Lines
    flower85 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 15th £49.75 for 1 Line
    samtalbot88 & kamsdak Daily No Limits Bingo - April 16th £104.68 for Full House
    Maryten Daily No Limits Bingo - April 16th £62.81 for 2 Lines
    Francesjane Daily No Limits Bingo - April 16th £41.87 for 1 Line
    ellie113 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 17th £119.75 for Full House
    wishicudwinbig1 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 17th £71.85 for 2 Lines
    bing0stalker82 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 17th £47.90 for 1 Line
    gary1963 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 18th £110.42 for Full House
    melshark Daily No Limits Bingo - April 18th CAD 122.46 for 2 Lines
    Francesjane & nuttylady Daily No Limits Bingo - April 18th Shared £44.16 for 1 Line
    nuttylady Daily No Limits Bingo - April 19th £99.50 for Full House
    ithastobeme Daily No Limits Bingo - April 19th £59.70 for 2 Lines
    melshark Daily No Limits Bingo - April 19th CAD 73.56 for 1 Line
    Brutus007 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 20th £96.00 for Full House
    lucky122 Daily No Limits Bingo - April 20th £57.60 for 2 Lines
    vixneal84, xxbellababes Daily No Limits Bingo - April 20th Shared £38 for 1 Line
    xxbellababes Boomerang Friday £100 for Full House
    nessie55 Boomerang Friday £60 for 2 Lines
    xxbellababes & agg52 Boomerang Friday Shared £40 for 1 Line
    lucie40 £150 Sky Fall £90 for Full House
    janine1004 £150 Sky Fall £40 for 2 Lines
    sallywren £150 Sky Fall £20 for 1 Line
    South1984 Pandora's Mystery Box £75 slots bonus
    penski The Great £500 Egg Hunt £100
    spacehopper1974 The Great £500 Egg Hunt £70
    princesgirl The Great £500 Egg Hunt £40
    MOSHPIT The Great £500 Egg Hunt £25
    maxx41179 The Great £500 Egg Hunt £15
    torystory The Great £500 Egg Hunt £10
    misstrish6990 The Great £500 Egg Hunt £10
    sparcook The Great £500 Egg Hunt £10
    Sammo65 The Great £500 Egg Hunt £10
    flinty21 The Great £500 Egg Hunt £10
    nanjan The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    manz75 The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    Taniajane22 The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    jenhill The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    Quinn1 The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    clampetyed The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    pyper5 The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    winner1234246 The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    livinginhope1 The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    LittleApple The Great £500 Egg Hunt 500 points
    alexia148 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    Babysim The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    Bongobean The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    book123 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    bradfordbetty The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    Brutus007 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    della1 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    emadia The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    GIZMO123 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    johnboii686 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    momiller The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    pinkallsort The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    prbert1958 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    Reberta999 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    sofia2004 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    susan91 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    tricia11779 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    vagasvera The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    VickyM62 The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    wqd09s The Great £500 Egg Hunt Easter Egg chocolate
    NikkiJay Slot of the Week £25
    edlangel Slot of the Week £25
    nicusorctin Slot of the Week £25
    RHAPSODY Slot of the Week £25
    emmasam Slot of the Week £25
    Wiggy4aWin Slot of the Week £25
    bell05s Slot of the Week £25
    uptowngal Slot of the Week £25
    luckisalady Slot of the Week £25
    bear1819 Slot of the Week £25
    xxelaine60xx TGI Friday 2000 pts
    shirlywhirly TGI Friday 2000 pts
    syeskitten TGI Friday 2000 pts
    weena09 TGI Friday 2000 pts
    Ang7777 TGI Friday 2000 pts
    cocomimi TGI Friday 2000 pts
    mm11 TGI Friday 2000 pts
    pudding66 TGI Friday 2000 pts
    voller TGI Friday 2000 pts
    cheevil1 TGI Friday 2000 pts
    butterscott3 TGI Friday 2000 pts
    Gemohaven TGI Friday 2000 pts
  • Chevysheila won £320.75 on Bingo! 15 Apr 2014

    Thanks for the wins! I love playing at Kitty Bingo, it is so much friendlier than other sites.


    calendargirl8 won £350 on Fruit Bonanza on her phone! 11 Apr 2014

    This win was so unexpected and I could not believe it really put me on a high and has made my Easter! THANKYOU kitty bingo xx


    Babysim won £530.30 on Wild Huskies – 5 Apr 2014

    I’ve never been a lucky person, and never thought I’d have a lucky break… until now! Thanks Kitty!


    merryxmas7141 won £225 on Secret Garden – 30 Mar 2014

    THANK U so much I’m delighted with my win!


    Jasabell won a St. Patrick’s Day surprise on Irish Luck – 24 Mar 2014

    Thank you for my gift card, I am going to treat myself to something nice! I would also like to say a thank you to Kitty Bingo for being the best site I have ever played. All the chat hosts are very nice and friendly and helpful as are all your staff on the end of the phone when I phone up with a query.


    Jubumble won £10,000 on Fluffy Favourites & Piggy Payout – 24 Mar 2014

    Unbelievable, I had to pinch myself! I was jumping up and down for ages. It’s the best site ever! I’m telling all my friends!


    Catty999 won an iPad! 24 Mar 2014

    I’m over the moon and can’t believe it, just what I wanted!


    MOSHPIT won £1,512 on Secret Garden II – 19 Mar 2014

    I’m still in shock, I just can’t believe I won so much with 1 spin on Secret Garden II! Thank you Kitty Bingo, time to spend spend spend and maybe spend some more…


    jasabell won £370 on Instant Games – 19 Mar 2014

    I love playing the slots at Kitty Bingo and find that I have been very lucky on them… I will keep on playing the slots and bingo at Kitty as I think it is the best site I have been on.


    kirst1990 won tickets to X Factor Live – 19 Mar 2014

    Feeling overwhelmed, just won 2 Xfactor tickets! Thnx Kittybingo! Never won anything before so greatful to of won.


    VickyM62 won £505 on Grease mini game – 15 Mar 2014

    Was over the moon to win just over £500 on the Grease mini-game. I have never won such a big amount of money before so I was extremely delighted when I won. Still keep trying the game and get a few smaller wins still. Thanks Kitty Bingo!!!


    happygolucky23 won £405 on Instant Games – 12 Mar 2014

    I really enjoy playing Kittybingo late at night when everyone is in bed and I can relax… and I have had a few wins before . Last Sunday when the Rugby was on and we were losing :-( , I decided to break with routine and play in the afternoon and have a go at Winning on Kitty Bingo… I started to play and before too long the amounts were stacking up… I love playing slots… its a fun way to relax. Thank you for the variety of games you offer and for my winnings !!! its time to treat the family !!


    crumble80 won £2,000 on Grease mini game – 4 Mar 2014

    O.m.g. I love you guys. I’m getting a new car thanks to kitty bingo and grease mini game :-) i’m shaking!


    mumzy07 won £2,500 on an Ice Fishing Scratchcard – 4 Mar 2014

    I was just doing some scratch cards looking forward to maybe winning 20 quid when i suddenly see it say id won a lot more… I couldn’t believe my eyes and sat staring in disbelief for a while…. I rang my mum and told her and asked if she thought it was a joke…. It won’t sink in until i see my bank balance change but will come in very handy… Planning on paying off a small credit card debt and treating my family to a day out shopping, thank you so much… Still unreal as i never win anything like that weeeek!


    Bernese won an iPad – 4 Mar 2014

    I’m over the moon!


    sinn3r2013 won £270 on Instant Games – 3 Mar 2014

    Great site, so refreshing to play somewhere so friendly with such a great choice of games. Lovely win thank you so much.


    Kazzkinns won £800 on Lady Luck Deluxe – 26 Feb 2014

    I only logged on as I had an awful cold and my plans were cancelled. Couldn’t believe how much I was winning and when I checked the total amount I was over the moon! I’ve never won so much on an online gaming site and will definitely be treating myself.


    maxx41179 won £2,633 on Grease Mini Game – 18 Feb 2014

    Thank you so much for the win Kitty Bingo, I had a really bad year last year as my husband had a car crash, broke his back and then they found he had a brain tumour that caused him to blackout and crash. Bingo has helped me to relax and forget about my problems for a while. On Tuesday I had had a hard day at work and wanted to just chill so put £10 in my account and started to play bingo, I got over £100 so decided to bank £100 and play with the rest. I went onto Grease slots and after only a couple of spins the pjp board came up. I have been on there once before and won £86 so was excited that I knew I would win something. When it flashed up that I had won over £2600 I was in shock for about 1/2 an hour and had to get my daughter to check it was real.

    I cannot thank you enough for all the congratulations and the help from customer support to make me realise my win was a reality.


    Bigt7 won top prize of Merlin Family Pass in £1K Mystery Draw – 10 Feb 2014

    What a fantastic lovely surprise to cheer up my Monday!


    spamula won £6,594 on Bell of Fortune – 31 Jan 2014

    You always think ‘it’s never going to be me’ but today it was! Thank you so much Kitty Bingo!


    Fatfudge won £320 on Chimney Stacks – 30 Jan 2014

    I was so happy to win on Kitty bingo, it’s a great site to have fun, chat and a flutter. Add to that having a win and it puts a big smile on yourface! A very happy fatfudge here, thanks Kitty.


    waterboys got a loyalty treat from Kitty Club – 29 Jan 2014

    I received the most beautiful big Birthday flower bouquet today from yourselves through Interflora, and as if that wasn’t enough a box of chocolates too. Cannot thank Kitty Bingo enough am so impressed. Thank you again so very much.


    Rachiebabbi won £300 on Riches of Ra – 15 Jan 2014

    Thank you for my win kitty bingo!! Love playing the slots on here. Will definitely be using this site more often x


    Sarahdibs won £400 on Vegas Baby slot – 14 Jan 2014

    Thank you for your kind email. I love playing kitty bingo slots, and kitty bingo is my favourite site and I always have good wins on here.


    Comperandi won £40 Love2Shop vouchers on Mermaids Millions from her phone – 13 Jan 2014

    I really won?? How fabulous is this – that’s why Kitty Bingo tops them all – thank you!


    xxyankeexx won £475 on Instant Games – 12 Jan 2014

    Loved my wins on Kitty. Fantastic boost for a dull and rainy January. Will put it towards an trip to Orlando with my lovely hubby Philip.


    rosey39 won £700 on Irish Gold – 10 Jan 2014

    I could not believe my eyes when I saw £700.50 come up on the screen on my first roll! I froze for at least 5 mins. Thank you Kitty Bingo. I love this site as the slots are various and very good to play


    sally345 won £530 on Kitty Bingo slot – 8 Jan 2014

    Thank you for my win – i love playing kitty bingo slots!


    Missbabs won £500 on 50,000 Pyramid™ – 8 Jan 2014

    I love playing on the Kitty bingo site and have been really lucky to win regularly over the last few days. Purrrrrrfect!!


    Lewyy90 won £350 on Instant Games – 7 Jan 2014

    I love playing Kitty Bingo (a bit too much) hehe. When I got an Email from them saying overall I was one of the players to have a highest cumulative win I thought it would be great to publish a little comment to say a HUGE thank you to them!
    So not only do you have great games, chat hosts and promotions if you are lucky enough they even send you presents such as the gorgeous Thorntons hamper I received in December. I have found Kitty Bingo to be one of the friendliest and best bingo sites there is not to mention my luckiest (obviously) and hope my luck and luck of all the other players continues well into 2014. So what are you waiting for? Join today!


    Cristina won £330 on Instant Games – 7 Jan 2014

    I love playing on kitty bingo it is a friendly site, and they appreciate you being a member.


    Nanjan won £700 on Instant Games – 7 Jan 2014

    I love playing and winning on Kitty bingo. A really good site with friendly and helpful staff, who make playing this site fun. What is great is that you actually do win, and on birthdays and special occasions there are lovely surprises, I was shocked when I received flowers and chocolates on my birthday, I felt really special.


    Nutynana won £1,000 on Instant Games – 7 Jan 2014

    Hello again and thank you for your kind email… I would certainly like to let all Kitty players know that it certainly is possible to win a lot with sometimes just a small stake… I was trying out Santa’s Stash game and glanced back from the tv to see my balance had shot up by £900… and I didn’t actually see how I had won it. I love playing your Jazz Cat Slot and Grease Slot and of course now I love to play Santa’s Stash. So thank you Kitty Bingo… I love playing the site and will continue to play all the great games you have on offer and I hope all other players can have the luck I had playing. Thank you again and a very Happy New Year to all at Kitty Bingo xxx


    Bonniecat won £900 on Grease, Slot of The Week – 7 Jan 2014

    Thank you so very much… I absolutely love playing on Kitty Bingo and have been a member for a while now but just could not believe it when I glanced away for my game to watch tv and looked back my balance had shot up to 900 pounds… just looked at my husband and said I have just won 900 pounds lol… thank you so much I have an oldish car which has an mot due before the end of January and I know it needs quite a bit of money spending on it to get it through so this will come in useful. I do spend many hours spinning to win lol but although it is nice to win I do just enjoy playing the games. Well again a big thank you to all at kitty bingo… perhaps I will be a bit more daring and have a go on the progressives… may I wish you a very happy new year and hope it is a really good year for you…very kind regards.


    lasvegas1 won £3,147 on Instant Games – 3 Jan 2014



    Lucysophia won £2,612 on Jewel Box from her mobile – 29 Dec 2013

    Wow totally flabbergasted never in my wildest dreams would I of thought of winning that much. X


    Nuttylady won £650 on Mad Mad Monkey – 29 Dec 2013

    Hi i just like to say thankyou so much for my wins, iv had a few over the last few weeks and they soon add up too a nice amount, i love kitty bingo all the staff are so kind and helpful, and the bonuses are always nice, also all the big xmas and new year games are nice, also love all the slot games. so many thanks to all at kitty bingo


    kellyb79 won £2,310 on Riches of Ra from her mobile – 28 Dec 2013

    So pleased with my kitty bingo win, it was a lovely Christmas surprise :) Thanks again


    volvyc70 won £650 on Instant Games – 26 Dec 2013

    My win was FABULOUS especially at this time of the year so THANK YOU!!


    Crazyelle won £2,000 on Christmas Day Cash Flash bingo

    What an amazing Christmas present – like a Christmas miracle! Thank you so much to all at Kitty Bingo!


    Jacqui25 won an iPad – 24 Dec 2013

    Just won the ipad, thank you so much kitty bingo :D :D:D i cant believe it, its the best xmas pressie ever. So happy thanks so much again xxxxx


    Clareyyy won an iPad – 18 Dec 2013

    This is my second fabulous prize win on your site, I won an iPhone in the Summer indulgence games and now I have won an iPad for Christmas, thank you!


    New player Goodluck1 won $1200 on Temple of Isis – 18 Dec 2013

    Thank you Kitty Bingo, because of you, i won $1200. This win is enough to make my families Christmas a joyous one and their definitely will be lots of gifts under our tree xxoo. I was also amazed at how the staff here at Kitty bingo truly care about their players and check that they are financially in a good place to gamble. You go out of your way to make sure players experience here is a positive one – this is very refreshing. Thank you Kitty Bingo, i have to say you made my christmas a happy one this year and i am a loyal player at your site from now on. MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


    Topshelfbernie won £40 Amazon vouchers with ‘Slot of the Week’ – 17 Dec 2013

    I am delighted to have won the Amazon vouchers thank you! Also I was delighted to receive the chocolate hamper which is very much appreciated by my friends and family and yes I may have a few myself lol Can I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year


    Herface enjoyed a loyalty Xmas gift – 9 Dec 2014

    Many thanks for the wonderful surprise gift of a huge parcel full of Thornton’s Chocolates which I have received today. Christmas has definitely come early for me. What a wonderful surprise , I am so delighted with my gift many many thanks.


    Debnroy won £2,839.92 on Instant Games – 26th Nov 2013

    Thank you kitty bingo for my win, my grandchildren will have a better Christmas this year. I love kitty bingo and will always play on here. Thanks very much.


    Tato92 won an iPad! 5th Nov 2013

    Wow, I can’t believe I have just won an iPad! Thanks Kitty!


    Luckybevd won £11,181 bingo jackpot from her phone! 30th Oct 2013

    I’ll use this win to treat my daughter who is having a baby soon and for Christmas prezzies – thanks Kitty!


    Currygirl won $1,500AUD on Instant Games – 21st Oct 2013

    Hi there, thank you for having a really good site, i was in shock when i won, hope i win big again!


    Sarny won an iPad! 15th Oct 3013

    I had to read it twice, I wasn’t on when it came up that night as computer is really playing up and i had to reboot and i gave up in the end but i’m really chuffed, for once something is going right for me thank you


    meow123456 won £1,500 on £5K Cash Flash – 3rd Oct 2013

    I just love the good atmosphere here on the site – £1500 i was really shocked and very excited and just couldn’t believe my wins – I am so happy to play on Kitty Bingo.com. Thank you again.


    janmica won £100 on £1K Grand Friday – 3rd Oct 2013

    I was so surprised – I was not even there and once i was back I saw the wins. I was really excited about the win.


    dani2010 won a Smart TV with Summer Indulgences – 1st Oct 2013

    I’m surprised and very happy, thanks!


    mayzee16 won a Smart TV & £500+ cash – 18th Sept 2013

    Wow!! I’m over the moon with kitty bingo had a few lucky streaks lately, won a smart tv, shares on the £1000 indulgence, and also shared the £500 cash prize this week!!!


    charliesdadxx won £2,000+ on Fluffy Favourites – 26th July 2013

    I have had a wonderful time playing kitty bingo… it has been a great and i’m over the moon. My wife has had a new dishwasher and my son a new pool table. i have never won this amount of money before so it had helped me out no end. Thank you once again kitty bingo your one brilliant site!


    billy1234 won £1,000 on Grease I – 14th July 2013

    Couldn’t believe it, so excited, love playing kitty bingo its the best…


    Lewyy90 won £350 on £100K Summer Nights – 10th July 2013

    Thanks! This has made my day as it’s been rubbish!


    Big Winner of £3,000 on Instant Games – June 2013

    I am over the moon with my win of £3000, I Deposited Only A small amount this time and did not take any Bonus cash.
    I played loads of Different Slots and was Lucky enough to get nice Bonus levels and great payouts :)
    I Don’t fully know what I am going to do with money but Plans maybe include New laptop and TV for my 6 year old
    ( Almost 7 ) Autistic son who has a list the length of my Arm lol.

    And there may be the possibility of Joining My sister,dad,brother in law and Niece who are going to Turkey 29th July,
    for 2 weeks, Because when they Booked a few months ago I could not afford to sign/commit funds for my son Lewis and I to join them…… Will Now give it some serious thought :)

    Thank-you very Much Kitty Bingo
    This win make’s all the fun I have had on your site
    More than worth it xx


    Big Winner on Siberian Storm – 24th June 2013

    hi i really love your site especially siberian storm and cleopatra and i;m really lucky on them have had a wonderful weeks holiday to blackpool with my grandson of my winnings thankyou


    Big Winner of £3,130.35 on instant games – 14th June 2013

    Hi would just like to say thank you kitty for my win will use it to treat my gransons


    Big Winner of £4,000+ on instant games – 3rd June 2013

    I was thrilled with the Win


    Big Winner of £1,000 on Mega Jackpots – May 2013

    hi everyone
    just had telephone call from Blake at kitty bingo congratulating me on my recent big win in the mega jackpot prize draw. i was so excited when i heard the news, i couldn’t believe it as i never win anything i used the money for a holiday in Majorca, i really love kitty bingo, it is a great site. my favorite games beside bingo are pixies in the forest, grease and kitty bingo.
    Blake requested a picture however I’m not very technical and wouldn’t have the first clue how to send a picture, lol. i have told friends and colleagues about the site and now that ive won they are all eager to try their luck so i would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on your team cheers to a great site, regards


    Big Winner of £2,000+ on Pixies of the Forest – 24th May 2013

    Many thanks to Kitty bingo for my recent wins on slots it proves that kitty bingo is a reliable site to use because the slots do pay out. I won over 2 thousand pounds and i am thrilled to bits.


    Big Winner of £5,406.29 on Instant Games – 6th May 2013

    Thanks I love kitty bingo one of the best bingo sites out there and I have played in a few lol but never been as lucky in the rest the slots pay out better than anywhere else.
    Thanks for all the wins


    Big Winner of £3,000+ on instant games – 4th May 2013

    Thank you kitty for my big win, I’m really happy and I will spend it on my holiday!


    Big Winner of £2,000+ on instant games – 24th April 2013

    Thank you soo much for my wonderful win. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I won. Thank u thank u thank u


    Easter Winner of 1oz Real Gold Bar worth £1,000+

    Big thank you to Kitty Bingo! It’s an amazing site! The win was very handy for my daughter’s birthday.


    Easter Winner of 1oz Real Gold Bar worth £1,000+

    A huge thank-you from the bottom of my heart to make me one of the winner of 1 oz gold bar.
    I didn’t know until I had a call from you in the evening and I was so surprised. It is my first ever big win so feeling over the moon. I’m proud to have you joined. With many thanks indeed,

    Best wishes


    Big Winner of £39,471 on Pixies Of The Forest – 13th April 2013

    Winning such a large sum was a great shock. I won approximately £26.00 on Bingo and used this amount to play Pixies of the Forest which is my favourite game. Planning a great holiday in the Caribbean and a new car.

    Thank you very much Kitty Bingo. What a great Bingo Site for Slots!


    Big Winner on Jazz Cat – 11th April 2013

    £6,000 is a great win, I can hardly believe it. I can now help my sister with a few bills and pay off a few bills myself too. Thank you Kitty xx


    Big Winner on Siberian Storm – 22th March 2013

    Dear Kitty, Thanx to for my lovely win, I am hoping to take the family on a fab holiday. I wish all the members in Kitty Bingo xxgl. Kind Regards


    Big Winner on Siberian Storm – 18th March 2013

    Wow!! dontcha just love kitty bingo had a some great wins on Siberian Storm this week, finally a site where you can bank money. Thanks Kitty!


    Big Winner on instant games – 16th March 2013

    I just like to say a big thank you to kitty bingo for my big win last week as just got a new Mountain Bike with it and a new phone and now thanks again for my other wins at the weekend and will get new clothes with that. Best site on line and the chat staff are so nice and they know how to make you laugh and keep up the good work.


    Big Winner on Wheel of Fortune – 15th March 2013

    Thank you for the email!!

    I still can’t believe how much i had won!! When it hit £100 i was like hmmmm i should stop whilst im ahead but i just kept playing and i just kept getting bonuses and amazing win spins!! I hit £1000 and was like WOW i need to stop there so i withdrew £1000

    Later that day i was still buzzing from the thought of winning a months wages in the space of a few hours! So i revered some of my winnings back into my account and played a little more in which i then DOUBLED the amount i withdraw so i changed £150 to £300!!! So in total i withdraw £1150!

    I love Kitty bingo and i play regularly winning some and losing some. My nickname by my fiance is Kitty thats why i joined kitty bingo for that reason!!!

    Talk about fate huh? Thanks Again!


    Big Winner on instant games – 15th March 2013

    Thank you for your email, I’ve always been a slots fan and have had a few wins but never thought i would ever win this much, the wins just seem to keep coming, I think I will enjoy going on a shopping spree and pay some bills too, thanks for my lovely win


    Big Winner on Cashapillar – 4th March 2013

    Hi Kitty, Thank you very much for the wins this week they could not have come at a better time. My partner has just started a new job and this will help us through until his first pay as well as a nice treat for my birthday next month! Thanks again


    Big Winner on instant games – 3rd March 2013

    Great news never ever played on such a wonderful site


    Big Winner on instant games – 19th February 2013

    I love Kitty Bingo! Had a great game on the Slots and banked £850, my biggest win ever! Thanks & Regards


    Big Winner on Cash ‘n’ Curry 16th February 2013

    Hello to my wonderfull kitty bingo, i cant believe i won over a thousand pounds on cash and curry, was just amazing, still cant believe it, and i love playing on kitty always have a win on something, really is the best site ive been on, and i have been on them all, trust me lol, xx thank you so much xx


    BEETLE Winner – New Years Day 2013

    This is THE BEST thing in the world ever and I mean it!



    Big winner on instant games – 13th Feb 2013

    Thankyou Kitty Bingo I am so happy to have won £1815 also thankyou to your wonderfully kind staff who were so helpful to me. I am a pensioner with a disability so do not go out much, I enjoy passing my time playing the exciting reels, never thought I could ever be this lucky, once again thankyou Kitty.


    Big winner on instant games – 13th Feb 2013

    I would just like to say a big thank you to Kitty bingo for my winnings on the slots. Since the New Year I have been very lucky and withdrawn about £2500. I love this site, its the only one where I feel I can win. My favourite slots are Thunderstruck, Cherry Blossom and Ramesis Riches. But I love the new slot Magic Forest, the bonus feature with the 3 wizards is definately magical.

    Thank you very much. x


    Big winner on instant games – 10th Feb 2013

    hi kitty just to say thankyou so much for my nice win on the slot games, it was just the tonic for the winter blues lol, its my daughter birthday in a few weeks, so she will get an extra big present, your site is the best site around, keep up the good work. I love the site and the support team is really helpful.


    Big winner on instant games – 10th Feb 2013

    TyTy I was over the moon with my big win on the slots I could not believe my luck I love playing on kitty bingo and everyone is so friendly and the site is so nice and very helpfull Thankyou once again kitty your the best xxx


    Full House winner of 1k Grand Friday – 8th Feb 2013

    Great just got in from work prebought before I went nice surprise to come home to! The site is good easy to understand and the chat hosts are friendly and helpful.


    Big winner on instant games – Feb 2013

    Thank you Kitty Bingo for my winnings! I will be using them to book a trip to visit my family in Canada with my children this summer.

    I know in terms of gaming sites you are relatively new but I love the site. I was first drawn to it because of the name (I adore cats!) but now I return because of the friendly hosts and the variety of games available.

    Hopefully this will be the first of many successful wins!


    Big winner on instant games – 30th Jan 2013

    Good Morning,
    I just wanted to let you know I am over the moon with my win. I thought bingo was the way to go but after winning over £1000 on Sun quest slots I think I have found my favourite game :)
    Thanks again


    1 line £1000 winner of 5K Cash Flash – 25th Jan 2013

    What a lovely suprise to get your email. I have been playing bingo for many years and have never won a large ammount before.

    Winning the one line £1000 has topped off my week.

    My baby grandaughter Lillie was born last week and the money will be very useful towards getting the things that she needs.

    Thank you Kitty!


    Big winner on Rhyming Reels, Hearts & Tarts – 17th Jan 2013

    Hi I would just like to say a big thank you for all my wins on this site. I really do think this is one of the best bingo sites around. I think the slots are one of the best paying I have ever been on and the bingo is fab as well. All the CMs seem nice and friendly and I just love this site. Thanks again kitty bingo.


    Another thanks from sticky25 received on 25th Jan 2013

    Wow two big wins in less than a week what a site and what luck!


    Big winner on instant games – 17th Jan 2013

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    Big winner of £4,930 on a £5 bet on Siberian Storm – 15th Jan 2013

    Hello and THANK U.
    Wow wow wow!! I only signed up and was playing a few slots, enjoying it and got the bonus and WOW I had won!! What an amazing start to 2013. Thank u again Kitty :)


    Big Winner on 50,000 Pyramid – 14th Jan 2013

    It is very handy for me, I just started playing. Went online, tried the machines and a thousand pounds just came up.
    I was very glad to get it.


    Big winner on Da Vinci Diamonds & Cleopatra – 13th Jan 2013

    Thanks you kitty bingo for my 2 wins this month already I love to play the slots on this site and this year have managed to withdraw 2 very nice sums which so far i have given £300 to my mother for her holiday spend and bought a new washing machine and mattress. I am planning on saving the rest for my own holiday hopefully in the summer. ty again good luck to players and me for this year being a wonderfull one x x


    Progressive Jackpot Kitty Cash Winner

    Tytytytyty I was soooo amazed I won, I had some wagering to do after a win on the slots so I just bought tics in every room not ever expecting to win a pjp. I was playing in fat cat when I noticed my balance shoot up to over 400, I was saying omg omg omg omg omg and my heart was racing. Thank you so so so much, I’m going to treat myself and the kids as soon as my winnings are banked. Thank youuuuuuuu :-) xxx


    Happy Kitty Bingo Player

    Hello and thank you , I have only been with the site since it opened recently and wow I just cant stop winning:-)
    Lady luck is surely shining on me when I play at Kitty Bingo. Really glad that I joined this site as there are so many to choose from but I think I picked the best site. Well done Kitty Bingo for being such a great place to play.
    Great Bonuses and plenty freebies.
    Lots of love


    Friday 30th Nov 2012 £5 Cash Flash FH Winner

    …..just incredible! I never dreamt that would happen to me & wondered who the big winners really were! It really can happen to ordinary people like me!!!


    Monday 26th Nov 2012 Instant Game Cleopatra Winner

    I couldn’t belive my luck when i won an amazing £1400.00 on my favourite slots Cleopatra, what a fantastic xmas my family will have, and after a hard day at work what more could i have hoped for, thankyou Kitty Bingo and good luck to everyone


    Week of 23 Nov 2012 Instant Game Wins

    Thank you for the wins i had this week, i was amazed at how well the site paid out , this is one of the best bingo sites i have played on and was so happy to get such a nice withdrawal , thank you kitty bingo , best site ever xx


    22 Nov 2012 Instant Game Wins

    hi all i joined your site this week as my sister had joined a few weeks ago. i am so happy with my win its in pending at the moment can’t wait to receive it. i have to say how easy your site is to join work out,etc.
    also how well trained your chat hosts are, i have been on different sites in the past but i have to say you are tops.
    i will be recommending your site to my friends, so come on lets join kitty bingo


  • Beetle's Winner Story

    The big day had arrived! Zoe1976, the lucky winner of our Win a Beetle game, was on her way to pick up her brand new wheels! Watch video and read the interview.

    Misty and the Kitty team met a nervous but excited Zoe and her niece Becca at St Pancras station. After a flurry of hugs and congratulations, we all jumped in a black cab for the full London experience... now the prize of a lifetime was just a short ride away!

    Beetle's WinnerEven the David the Taxi driver was super-excited:

    “Where to ladies?” The VW garage please.
    “Are you buying a car then?” No, Zoe’s WON one!
    “Ooooooh well done you! What kind? A Beetle?! OOOOH very trendy! What a fantastic prize to win, especially on New Year’s Day, what a great way to start the year!” – we couldn’t agree more David!

    Turning off the main roundabout, Zoe spotted the VW garage – that’s when the squealing began! The lads at the garage had covered the car so the suspense was heightened as we waited for the big reveal… ta da!

    There was no champers for the driver until she got home of course but all in all, a really fun day was had by all. Just one question Zoe, can we have lift please?


    Kitty InterviewCongratulations Zoe! You must be so excited!
    Thanks, I am. It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve had a car!

    Where are you going to go first?
    I’m going to take my daughter Yasmin, aged 8, for a ride. She wanted to come to London with me today but I told her now we have the car we can come back whenever we like and go to the zoo.

    How is this going to change your life?
    In every way possible to be honest. No more online shopping, more long trips just to use the cash machine (dragging my reluctant daughter along with me!). I was made redundant last year so the car is going to help me find a job, get to interviews and open up more opportunities for where I work now that I have my own transport too. I’m getting my freedom back basically!

    What were the reactions of your loved ones when you told them you’d won this amazing prize?
    My family and friends couldn’t believe it. A couple of them arrived at my house unexpectedly just before the tie-breaker and were rooting for me – I was so nervous I couldn’t watch!

    How are you going to pay back your niece Becca for coming with you today?
    I’ll probably have to babysit (Becca has recently had a baby) and give her some lifts – she already has a car seat for the little one!

    Now you’ve seen the car for the first time – what do you think?
    I LOVE IT! It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I love the fact that it’s Black, that’s the best colour it could be for me. I’ll keep the Kitty stickers on it for a bit and may even out them up in my window at home afterwards (laughs)

    Are you looking forward to showing it off when you get home?
    Oh yeah! I’ve never seen anyone driving a Beetle in Sheffield - it might be the first one!

    What do you think of Kitty Bingo?
    I love the website; it’s fun and easy to use. My favourite game is 90 ball bingo – I’ll be back playing again soon!