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Ultimate Texas Holdem

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You must have heard of Texas Hold’em Poker. This popular variation of poker card game has gathered many fans around the world. If you were amongst the fans as well, then you might love this variant proposed by Scientific Games. Make some noise for Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The card game offers rounds of poker with the classic rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. Grab a seat and start competing to get a better hand than that of the dealer to emerge as the winner. You might need to take one or two of the community cards that will be displayed!

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is playable on any mobile, tablet or desktop devices. The game provider created the poker variant with the Responsive Adaptive Design. The add-in allows the game to become fully optimised for any device, including iOS and Android Operating Systems. If you want to enjoy Ultimate Texas Hold’em, simply load it and get started!


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Main Features And Stakes

Kickstart your gaming on Ultimate Texas Hold’em by selecting the bets of your choice. The user-interface tab will display a variety of values when it comes to the chips. Feel free to select the ones that you deem convenient to start playing. 

The user-interface tab also offers a display where the credits and total winnings are mentioned. This will allow you to keep track of all the winnings you are obtaining as well as the credits that are left on your account! Whenever you are done selecting the chip value of your choice, you will need to set a wager on the Ante Spot of the table. Automatically, the Blind Spot of the table will be covered by a wager amounting to an equal value as the Ante Bet. Then, the game starts!

The dealer and the player are dealt two cards each. The player’s cards are face up while the dealer’s cards are face down. After that, the game moves to phase one where the player has to check and choose to increase the bets or fold. You can increase the bets up to 3 times or 4 times the current Ante Bet. After that, the dealer will deal with three Community Cards. These are a set of optional cards that can be used to make a better hand. You can select any of the cards to increase your hand value. During Phase two, 2 more community cards are dealt, giving a total of five community cards. After that, you have the choice once again… increase the bets or fold. Fold will mean that you surrender and lose only a portion of your Ante Bet.

In the end, the showdown happens. If you have managed to get a better hand than that of the dealer, you are awarded payouts based on the paytable and the hand that you’ve obtained. To note, on Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you are awarded better payouts for better hands, with Royal Flush being the highest paying hand.

Fun Fact

Did you know that a game of Poker once lasted for eight and a half years? It was in The Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona. It supposedly began in 1881 and lasted for eight years. According to reports, the players were well-known wild west personalities and a minimum buy-in was $1000.

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