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Have you ever dreamt of playing an online classic European Roulette game with an intuitive interface and modern look? Find such a game at Kitty Bingo, with the Roulette game designed by Geco. This is an easy to play game, where you do not require to know any complicated rules. Omniture tracks your behaviour on this game, while you can enjoy 3D graphics and a fully immersive window.


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Main Features and Stakes

Click on the ‘Bet Details’ button to view all your currently placed bets on the betting table. Open the racetrack view mode by pressing on the Racetrack button found on the betting table. Once a bet has been placed, you can use the Spin, undo or Clear buttons. To take off all bets from the table, you may click on the Clear button, while you can use the Undo button to take off the last bet placed on the table. Additional clicks on this button will take off the next bet and so on until no more bets are present on the betting areas. You can also repeat all bets at the end of gameplay by pressing on the Repeat button.  

Once you have placed all your bets, you can start a new game by clicking on the Spin button. Another screen will then pop up, where you will find the spinning roulette wheel that will eventually stop for the ball to land in one of the numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36. All bets are then evaluated and any eventual winning is credited. On the result interface, you will be able to use the Repeat & Spin button or Double Up & Spin Button.

There are various kinds of bets available on this game and they are placed in three main categories known as Inside Bets, Outside Bets, and Racetrack Bets. Straight, Split, Street, Corner, and Six Line are the Inside Bets. Any Dozen, Any Column, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, Odd or Even, and Red or Black are the Outside Bets. Racetrack Bets consist of Neighbours, Voisins, Tiers, and Orphelins.

Tap or click on the Back or Next arrows to choose your favourite chip size, and thus vary from 0.01 to 500. A selected chip value is highlighted in white on this game. If you wish, you can even mix chip values on a betting space.

To place your desired chip value on a specific betting area, you just require clicking or tap on that area, or you can press and drag the chip from the Bet selector to the area and release it. One unit is added with each additional click on a betting area. You may remove a bet by dragging the chip outside of the betting areas and releasing it.

Fun Facts

Roulette is sometimes called ‘The Devil’s Game’. If you add up the numbers on a roulette wheel it makes a total of 666, which is considered as the number of the devil. It is said that Roulette has been inspired by the game of Roly Poly.

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