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Key Bet Roulette

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Play the Devil’s game with a twist at Kitty Bingo on Key Bet Roulette! This table game is brought to you by Scientific Games and you can enjoy it on a PC, mobile or tablet. Fans of roulette? Revisit the classic game, however with an additional side bet known as Key Bet. The Key Bet actually activates the bonus bet. The game is set against a standard betting table, along with an extra racetrack to place Neighbour bets. You can also place your wagers on the wheel itself which consists of a single zero pocket. Thus, you can enjoy a game which is similar to American Roulette.


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Main Features and Stakes

Looking at the main features of Key Bet Roulette, you can find the Key Bet side bet which is an additional one you can place in each round. This side bet is played along with the normal ones, however, it has a separate position on the betting table. Hence, you cannot place Split bets on it. Once you place a chip on the Key Bet position, you can see the value of the pot which can reach up to 100x your stake!

Before each spin of the wheel on Key Bet Roulette, the Key Bet disc determines the amount you can trigger if the ball lands in the Key Bet pocket. It can start from 20x your stake, leading to paw-tastic rewards! The different payouts you can expect are as follows:

36/1 - Single number
18/1 - Split Number (2 numbers)
12/1 - Row (3 numbers)
9/1 - Corner (4 numbers)
6/1- Split Row (6 numbers)
3/1- Column/Dozen (12 numbers)
Evens - Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low numbers
Key Bet rewards you with a Key Bet Prize

Looking forward to playing Key Bet Roulette? Get started by selecting a minimum bet value of £1.00 and a maximum of £250.00. Select a chip of your choice and place it on one of the betting spots on the game table. You can also press the Bet on the Wheel tab to place bets directly on the wheel. Also, make use of the different options like Clear Last Chip, Clear All Chips, Double Bet, Repeat Last Bet or Stake Medium to personalise your gameplay. When you are ready, hit the Spin tab to turn the roulette wheel. Don’t forget the standard Inside, Outside and Neighbour bets as well!

Fun Facts

Wondering why roulette is commonly referred to as the Devil’s game? Rest assured that there are no evil forces in action during the gameplay! The only reason is that when all the numbers on the wheel are added up, the outcome is 666. This number is often associated with the devil. Anyhow, roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all times. Revisit it on Key Bet Roulette!

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