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Ladies and Gentlemen… it’s time to reveal the next great Slingo game that forms part of the Slingo franchise. And in fact, the name also says Slingo Reveal. Coincidence? We think not! This entertaining variation offers the classic rules of Slingo but with a little added twist! There are multipliers to be won that might reap rewards amounting to 10,000x your stake! That’s right. Engage in a spin or two of Slingo Reveal on the device of your choice. Time to get things rolling!


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Key Features and Stakes

Slingo Reveal is just like the other games at Kitty Bingo. You need to be a member of the online bingo site to be able to play the instant win game. Not a member yet? Don’t worry. You can register for free by clicking on the Join Now button. Not only will you get to play Slingo Reveal but all the games of the site will be at your disposal!

Like all the Slingo games, you are given a number of spins per round. Click on the stake option to choose the bets of your choice. The pop up will allow you to choose the value of rounds. When you choose your value, you are given 9 spins.

On Slingo Reveal, you need to complete a line by crossing numbers. They may be diagonal, vertical, or horizontal. The more lines you complete, you will get better rewards. There are various character symbols that join the reels to give you additional bonuses.

You may land the following symbols to benefit your gameplay… or create a new level of excitement.

Free Spins: add an additional spin to your total

Devil: block possible combos on the grid

Joker: crosses off any number from the column above

If you don’t manage to complete your lines on the nine given spins, you may purchase additional spins on the game. That way, you will be able to secure the lines.

Fun Fact

Slingo Reveal comes with very nice colours. Did you know that colours affect our psychology? It is said that yellow and red stimulate hunger while blue suppresses it. White has long been regarded as a colour of peace, but it also brings relaxing effects on the eyes and mind. Black can evoke a feeling of being stifled and claustrophobia.  

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