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Battle Mania

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The legions of darkness have returned! Ame’Sha has opened a portal and monsters of all kinds are surging from it! They are corrupting the neighbouring forests and villages. A group of champions have decided to drive them back to where they come from. Engage in an epic battle against the shadows on Battle Mania. This instant game is unlike any that you will play. It features RPG style gameplay where you can choose the champions that you want and fight. Discover more about Battle Mania through this review!


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Main Features And Stakes

Various features are included in Battle Mania. At the start of the game, you have the option to select which team you want. Each team has its pros and cons and consist of five champions. Each champion has a unique ability that is triggerable through Skill Cards.

Cards are dealt with each round of the game. There are four different cards. These are Mana Cards, Skill Cards, Bonus Cards and Treasure Cards. Mana Cards are used to initiate attacks on the enemies. Skill Cards trigger the powers of the champions. Bonus Cards trigger Bonus Fights. Each realm come with their own boss fights.

Here are the Bonus Features to expect on Battle Mania. These are based on the battleground that’s currently active.

Forest Island: Forest Island has the kingdom of the faeries. These are innocent little creatures and is considered one of the most prosperous kingdoms around Battlemania. The Legion sent Bulbiz, the evil dragon to burn down the villages to slow down counterattacks. Use Mana Cards to reduce its HP to zero.

Swap Island: Swap Island is a magical island. It is said that the island has a life and feelings. Some say that it comes with a power beyond comprehension. Hordes of monsters are invading and you need to use crossbows to stop them. Only 15 arrows are available and you will get a multiplier each time you defeat a wave.

Desert Island: The first island to have been scorched by the rays of the Sun God when he descended from the heavens. It’s now all desert. You get five battles and a reward is granted after each successful battle.

Volcano Island: Realm of Lord Volcanus, the stone keeper. Volcanus is a collector and hates thieves that come to take his stones. But each of his stones come with magical properties! Click on stones to select them and get cash prizes and multipliers.

Fun Fact

Did you know that in B.C, a solar eclipse occurred in the middle of a battle between the Lydians and Medes? They promptly ceased fighting and signed a peace treaty.

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