Scratch and Arcade

Play Online Scratch Cards & Arcade Game Online At Kitty Bingo

At Kitty Bingo you will find not only online bingo and online slots, but also top online scratchcard and Arcade games! Online scratchcard games are an exciting way to win some prizes without necessarily having to stake a lot! The name of this game itself tells you that it is easy to play, as you just need to play scratch and see if you have won anything! Once you place your stake, you get your card. Then, you have to scratch the panels to uncover the hidden symbols. Once you hit the right combo, you pick up a win!

Kitty Bingo is even more thrilling and catchy! Interested in taking your gaming experience to the next level? Try the top Scratch and Arcade games offered by Kitty Bingo, these will keep you entertained for hours! Enjoy superb games like Word Candy Scratchcard, Scratch 4 Diamonds Scratch Card, Over the Rainbow Pull Tab Game, Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Game, and Pixies of the Forest Instant Win Game.

Play Online Scratch Cards And Arcade Games

Online Scratch cards are one of the best ways to land a win as they offer instant wins! Many game providers have developed scratchcard games that are based on different themes, offering players a massive choice. At Kitty Bingo, you will discover a huge selection of fun card games that offer different symbols, different themes, and different pay-outs. You can let the fun begin by playing the best online scratch cards and arcade games at Kitty Bingo!

Find a special category dedicated to play scratch & Arcade games only! Under this section, some of the games you will find are Bubble Craze, Viking Runecraft, Rainbow Riche Leapin’ Leprechauns, and Spin 4 Cash. You will find other top games in the same category.

Play Arcade Games

Arcade Games appeared in 1971. Yet, in the 1970s to mid-1980s, the popularity of arcade games grew. The most common arcade games were: ‘Space Invaders', vector-based 'Asteroids', and 'Pac-Man'. As time went by, arcade games moved online and made these games more accessible to players. Are you ready to play arcade games? 

Other types of Arcade and online scratchcard games that are available are Pull Tab Games - these games come from Realistic Games and IGT. If you are looking for instant wins, the games you can play are Colour Cubes, Cleopatra Instant Win, Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot, Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, and Lil’ Lady Bingo.

Play Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are made of small cards where you play scratch one or more of the sections to reveal either symbols, animations, or pictures. There are different types of winning combinations, and the most common ones are 3 or more similar symbols, the right arrangement of an image, or one popular animation. More interestingly, some of these games even have bonus rounds or free spins round!

Firstly, you need to select your stake before starting any scratch game. You can toggle your stake by clicking on the increase or decrease tabs next to the Coin Selector. Once the stake has been placed, there are two steps to follow. The first step is to click on the New Card button so you can start a new game. The second step is to scratch away the surface of the card to see which symbols are hiding. There are two simple ways to do this. You can either make use of your pointer or you can just click on the Show Card button.

Time To Scratch!

If you want four chances of winning each time you play a game, then you can try the pull tab games! Some of these are Sunrise Reels Pull Tab, Sunset Reels Pull Tab, Go Wild on Safari Pull Tab, Sunken Treasure Pull Tab, and Potluck Pull Tab. This type of game comes packed with wilds and bonus rounds. Play any of these games at Kitty Bingo and let the fun start!

Enjoy meow-velous times at Kitty Bingo with its top online scratch cards and Arcade games!

Frequently Asked Questions: Scratch & Arcade

What Are The Most Popular Online Scratchcards?

Remember those tiny sheets of paper that you used to scratch with a coin? Well, they’ve taken their game online, and it’s better than ever! Scratchcards are super fun and exciting to play, and at Kitty Bingo we have a huge variety of online scratchcards for you to choose from.

One of the things that make online scratchcards so popular is their simplicity. Try out some of our personal favourite online scratchcard games such as Ted Big Money, Fishin’ Frenzy, and King Kong Cash!

Are Scratchcards Better Than Lottery?

The odds of winning a prize when playing online scratchcards or the lottery is based entirely on luck. You cannot influence the outcome of these types of games, so you just have to hope that Lady Luck is smiling on you.

Scratchcard games tend to have a better RTP (return to player) percentage than most lotteries, and there are also slightly better odds of winning with scratchcards because the pool of tickets sold and players participating are often lower than lotteries.

What Kind Of Arcade Games Can I Play Online?

We have a wide variety of arcade & scratchcard games available to play, such as our exclusive pull tab games from two of the best online game developers around – Realistic Games and IGT. Enjoy titles in this category such as Colour Cubes and Pixies of the Forest!

For more chances to win each time you play, you can play games such as Sunken treasure Pull Tab and Pot Luck Pull Tab.

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