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Feel like the cat that got the cream with our progressive jackpots! 

There’s something for everyone in our new schedule:




Room Type

How to Play

75 Ball Progressive


4pm – 1am

75 Ball

When the W pattern plays, call bingo in under 17 calls to win £8,000!

90 Ball Progressive


4pm – 1am

90 Ball

Call bingo in under 31 calls to win £10,000!

Low Cut


8am – 10am

All Rooms

Call bingo on number 1 and win an extra £10!

Lucky Numbers


8am – 4pm

90 Ball

Daub all 4 of your lucky numbers on one card in under 14 call and win £500!

Mystery Progressive Party


12pm – 4pm

All Rooms

Head to our mystery party where each game will feature a progressive jackpot at random, paying out between £10 & £20.

High Cut


5pm – 7pm

Kitty Cat, Penny Heaven & Furry 5

Call bingo on the top number and win £15! The top number in 90 Ball bingo is 90 and the top number in 75 Ball bingo is 75.

Magic Numbers


10pm – 11pm

All Rooms

The magic number will be called at the beginning of every game, if you bingo on this number you win £20!

So head to the rooms and take on our pawesome progressives!

Terms & Conditions
  1. All the progressive jackpots are scheduled at management’s discretion.
  2. All the progressive jackpots can be linked to various partner sites.
  3. Players must be funded to win any of the Progressive Jackpot.
  4. Players must have funded their account with a minimum of £20 and bought at least 6 cards (real money) into a bingo game to be eligible to win the 90 ball and 75 ball Progressive Jackpots.
  5. All the progressive jackpots which can be won during a bingo game will be displayed in the relevant bingo game.
  6. Each time you play in any 90 or 75 ball room which has a progressive jackpot, a small part of the card you bought in real funds will contribute to the progressive jackpot.
  7. Free cards are not eligible to win the 90 ball or 75 ball progressives.
  8. A win from a free card will be credited in bonus funds unless specified otherwise.
  9. Winners of a progressive jackpot will be credited in the same currency (bonus funds or real cash) as they used to purchase their cards.
  10. 90 Ball Progressive: Win in 31 calls or less in any 90 Ball game. When the jackpot is won it will be seeded at £10,000.
  11. 75 Ball Progressive: When the W pattern plays, win in 17 calls or less in any 75 Ball game. When the jackpot is won it will be seeded at £8,000.
  12. Low Cut Progressive: Call Full House on number 1 to win. When the jackpot is won it will be seeded at £10.
  13. High Cut Progressive: Call Full House on the top number to win. In a 90 Ball game this is 90 and in a 75 Ball game this is 75. When the jackpot is won it will be seeded at £15.
  14. Lucky Numbers Progressive: a player can choose their own 4 lucky numbers (1 to 90) from the “options menu” in the lobby. To win the jackpot all 4 numbers must be daubed on the same card under 14 calls when the Lucky Numbers Progressive Jackpot is participating in the game.
  15. The 4 lucky numbers can be changed an unlimited number of times. Please note this must be done before the start of a game. If the 4 lucky numbers are changed during a game they will become active for the next game in play.
  16. A player cannot choose more than three numbers within each range: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 61-70, 71-80 and 81-90.
  17. A player can win the jackpot only once per game regardless if the player has one or more winning cards.
  18. Lucky Numbers progressive only plays in 90 Ball bingo rooms. When the jackpot is won it will be seeded at £500.
  19. Magic Number Progressive: Call Full House on the Magic Number which will be displayed at the start of a game. The Magic Number can be voted by the players present in the bingo room before the game plays or it will be selected by the Chat Host. When the jackpot is won at peak time it will be seeded at a maximum of £20
  20. Party Games: These are linked games across various partner sites and rooms where everyone who purchases cards into the game play for the same pot. Various partner sites where players play to win the same progressive pot.
  21. Real funds (deposit or winnings generated from playing with real funds) will be used first on your account. Once you have no real money remaining on your balance, your bonus will become playable and wagering requirements will need to be met prior to requesting a withdrawal. You are also able to place bets which consists of both real and bonus money, wins as a result from such a bet will be paid out proportionally in real and bonus money.
  22. General Promotional Terms and Conditions apply. For full details please read here.
  23. All standard site T&Cs apply.

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