Best Odds Bingo

Fierce but fair!

BOB now has even better odds.  Still only 25 players per game and 10x5p tickets per player  - but now there is a 1 line and full house prize to play for – in every game – so double prizes!

It might sound wild, but this game gives all players an equal chance to win – keeping things fair and square, just the way we like it. Here’s how it works:

An Equal Chance for All 

  • Max 25 players in each game
  • All players get 10 tickets – no more, no less (cost = 50p)

How to Play

  1. Go to the bingo lobby and find the BOB room
  2. Buy your 10 tickets for the next game – tickets cost 5p each (50p total)
  3. Watch the game play out and see if you win!


  • You can win between £4 and £100 CASH!

Hint: There’s an over 75% chance of winning a prize within 1 hour

Kitty’s Top Cat Tip: As each game has a max of 25 players, get yours paws on your tickets early to make sure you don’t miss out!

Think BOB might be the one fur you? Then let’s play!

BOB Bingo is powered by our buddies at Mecca Bingo 

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Terms and conditions

  1. Best Odds Bingo games are available to all registered players with a funded account at
  2. Games run between 8am until midnight each day in the Best Odds Bingo room.
  3. Max 25 players per game.
  4. All players get 10 tickets each.
  5. Tickets cost 5p each (50p total).
  6. Tickets must be purchased with real money only.
  7. Prizes range from £4 to £100.
  8. Management decision is final.
  9. All of the standard site terms and conditions apply.
  10. General Promotional Terms and Conditions apply.