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Let´s see in 2014 with excitement and lots of £££ from the very first day: play our New Year´s Day games for your chance to win not one, not two, but THREE £2,014 jackpots! Each game is different: 5 line bingo, 90 ball and 75 ball. A taste of everything for this special day!

How to Play: Prebuy your cards for each game in the Xmas & NYD tab in the lobby
Date: 1st January 2014
UK Time: 8pm, 9pm, 10pm
Place: Xmas & NYD tab in the lobby
Card Price: 20p for 5 line bingo and 90 ball / 40p for 75 ball
Prizes: 3 jackpots of £2,014 each
Game Type: 5 line / 90 ball / 75 ball
Best promo for: Beating your hangover with CASH!

Terms & Conditions
  1. This promotion is valid only to those players who have a real money account on
  2. The New Year games are linked games and can be accessed from various partner sites.
  3. The 5 line bingo game plays at 8pm UK time and cards cost 20p. The prize breakdown will be £100 for 1 line win, £200 for 2 line win, £400 for 3 line win, £500 for 4 line win and £814 for 5 line win.
  4. The 90 ball game plays at 9pm UK time and cards cost 20p. The prize breakdown will be £400 for 1 line win, £600 for 2 line win and £1,014 for a full house win.
  5. The 75 ball game plays at 10pm UK time and cards cost 40p. The prize will be £2,014.
  6. All prizes will be paid out in real money.
  7. Should there be more than one winner per line, the prize value will be shared equally
  8. All cards to all games can be bought for a minimum of 1 card and maximum of 96 cards.
  9. Where a prebuy game cannot be played out, all standard T&Cs and procedures relating to a game not playing will apply.
  10. By accepting a prize a player agrees that can use their name, image or any other information for marketing and promotional purposes without the requirement for any payment.
  11. All of the standard site and promotional T&Cs apply.
  12. Management’s decision is final.
  13. We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

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