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  • If you have a question about KittyBingo.com, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer here. If this is not the case, please contact our friendly Support Team who will be happy to help.


    1. How can I start playing at Kitty Bingo?

    Start playing with us today by simply clicking on the “Register now” button at the top right hand side of any page. Fill out the short form and you’re ready to go!

    2. How do I access my account?

    Once you are on the homepage you will need to enter your username and password and hit “login”, you are now logged into your account. If you are experiencing any issues with logging into your account please contact our Support Team.

    3. What devices can I play Kitty Bingo from?

    You can now play Kitty Bingo whether at home or on the move – on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone! In order to play on our flash games on your PC you will just need the latest version of Macromedia Flash installed on your computer. For all other devices, just log in and play.

    4. Am I old enough to play Kitty Bingo?

    At Kitty Bingo, we accept players that are aged 18 years or over, providing that this is the minimum age requirement in your jurisdiction. Regrettably there are also some jurisdictions that we are not able to accept players from, please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

    5. What is Player Verification?

    We are obliged to ensure that our customers are aged 18+ and are who they say they are. We take this responsibility very seriously. Please visit our Player Verification page for more information on what verification is required and how to securely send any documentation.

    6. I’ve forgotten my password – what shall I do?

    Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your Kitty Bingo password – simply click on the “forgotten password” link found next to the “login” button on any page. Enter your email address and we’ll email you instructions to get you back playing in no time.

    7. Where can I see my account details?

    Log in to Kittybingo.com and visit the “My Account” section to quickly see all your account details. This is where you can update your personal details, convert your loyalty points into bonus funds, see all the games you’ve played and see what you’ve won. To see any financial information such as deposits and withdrawal you’ve made, the wagering progress of any active bonuses or your registered payment method, please visit the cashier via My Account or directly in the games lobby.

    8. How much does it cost to play?

    We want to make sure everyone has a good time at Kitty Bingo so you’ll find a wide range of games and prices to suit you. Many of our games, bingo and slot, cost just 1p to play and there are even some games that you can play for free! Find them in the ‘Freebies’ tab in the games lobby.

    9. Where can I see special offers and promotions?

    We love to give you special offers and promos! Keep up to date with the best games and deals for you by:

    • Checking the promo page/calendar
    • Signing up for our emails and/or sms alerts – you can set this preference in personal details in “My Account”
    • Keeping an eye on “My Account” – here you will find offer especially selected for your VIP level. The higher you climb the VIP ladder the more offers you find here!




    10. How can I make a deposit?

    Deposit quickly and easily by clicking on the green ‘Cashier’ button at the top of the lobby or by visiting my account from any page when you are logged in.

    For information about the deposit options please see our Banking page.

    11. Deposit Limits

    Should players wish to establish deposit limits on their account with Kitty Bingo, please visit the Player Limits section in the cashier or contact our Customer Service department who will happily assist with your query. Limits can be set daily, weekly and monthly.

    12. What is the minimum deposit amount?

    The minimum deposit amount is £5.

    13. Can I register a card that is not mine?

    We do not allow players to register or deposit using cards where they are not the signatory. These measures are in place to protect all of our players and their accounts. Should another person wish to play on Kitty Bingo from your mobile device, please ask them to join in the fun by opening their own account.

    14. How do you protect my security and privacy?

    At Kitty Bingo we take security very seriously. In order to make any transaction on your account you will need your username and password. We then use a secure data transfer during all transactions to prevent any information being supplied to a third party.

    15. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    At Kitty Bingo you may withdraw your winnings or part of your winnings whenever you wish. However, please do make sure you have read the following details to avoid unpleasant surprises:

    When you wish to request a withdrawal of your winnings, amounts less than 10 GBP/CAD/AUD/EUR will be subject to a processing charge of 50%. Any withdrawal amounts of less than 10 GBP/CAD/AUD/EUR will be subject to a minimum charge of 5 GBP/CAD/AUD/EUR.

    Example 1: If you wish to withdraw your winnings of £9 you will be subject to a processing fee of £5 and the amount refunded to you will be of £4.
    Example 2: If you wish to withdraw your winnings of £4 you will be subject to a processing fee of £5 and unfortunately we will not be able to process your withdrawal request.

    Please also note that if you have a bonus active on your account which is subject to wagering requirements you will not be able to withdraw that bonus until these have been completed.

    16. How long does it take to receive my withdrawal?

    Withdrawals are processed within 72 business hours of the customer making the request. It will then generally take 3 to 5 working days for your bank to process the payment.

    17. I requested a withdrawal but have changed my mind, can I reverse my withdrawal?

    Yes you can. Depending on your VIP level you have between 24 and 48 business hours from the time you requested your withdrawal to reverse the funds. The pending time you have depends on your VIP level.



    18. I want to buy a bingo card, how can I do that?

    It is very simple! Go into the room you wish to play in and on your left you will see a panel displaying the price of each card and how many you can buy. Click on the cards you want then click on “Buy Selected Cards”.

    19. What is 90 Ball Bingo?

    90 Ball is the traditional style of bingo in the UK. Card prices usually range from free to £1. The cards have three rows and nine columns in the form of a rectangle. Each row has five numbers and therefore each card has 15 numbers. The aim of the game is to be the first one in the room to cover the numbers to make 1 line, 2 lines or a Full House (all the numbers on your card). This gives you three great chances to be a winner!

    20. What is 75 Ball Bingo?

    In 75 Ball bingo, each game has a different pattern. Card prices usually range from free to £1. The cards have 25 squares in the form of a square – five vertical and five horizontal rows. All the squares of the 75 ball bingo card (except for the centre square which says FREE) display a number between 1 and 75. To win the game you will need to complete the given pattern which is showing on your card.

    21. What is 5 Line Bingo?

    5 Line Bingo is an exciting variant of 75 ball bingo in that the game does not end until all the numbers are covered – however it is more like 90 ball bingo as you need to cover a single row for the first bingo, then two rows for the second and so on until someone completes all five rows… fast-paced fun!

    The first line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Thereafter only horizontal or only vertical lines can win. There are 5 ways to be a winner: 1 line winner; 2 line winner; 3 line winner; 4 line winner and full house winner. The jackpot is split as follows:

    1. line 10%
    2. line 15%
    3. line 20%
    4. line 25%
    5. line 30%

    22. The bingo game I want to play won’t load/has stopped working – what shall I do?

    If you are experiencing any issues with our games please contact our Support Team. Should you lose connection during a bingo game and you cannot re-connect to the room, any subsequent winning resulting from the game will be automatically credited to your account. This is because the game will continue to run on the gaming server whether displayed on your screen or not.

    23. What is a “Prebuy”?

    You have the opportunity to buy cards in advance for some games – these are called Prebuys. You’ll see a predetermined time and day for games where this is possible. Once you’ve prebought a card, you’re in the game whether you’re online or not so you won’t miss out on a win!

    24. What is a Progressive jackpot?

    Each time you play in any 90 ball room, a small part of the card you bought will contribute to a big progressive jackpot called ‘Kitty Cash’. You can win this jackpot in any 90 ball room by bingoing on a Full House in 31 calls or less. This jackpot keeps growing until it is won and it could be yours any minute!

    25. What is a Sliding Jackpot?

    In sliding jackpot games, the less calls you bingo in; the more you win! There is always maximum and minimum jackpot and the amounts vary, check the game details in the lobby. One thing’s for sure, these games really take the excitement level up a notch as you try to bingo faster than ever

    26. What are chat games?

    Chat games are side games that you can enjoy while a bingo game is playing. The chat moderators (CM) will explain each game and prize in the chat panel. Join in the fun and win some extra loyalty points!

    27. What are the Bingo Games RTP%?

    The Return to Player Percentages (RTP%) on bingo games are as follows: 75 Ball Bingo 75.17%, 90 Ball Bingo 68.44% & 5 Line Bingo 80.50%.



    27. The slot game I want to play won’t load/has stopped working – what shall I do?

    If you are experiencing any issues with our slot games please contact our Support Team. Should you lose connection to our gaming server during a game, it will refresh your credit balance with the outcome of the bet. This means you will never lose out on a win.

    28. How much does it cost to play slots?

    Each of our games has their own coin sizes options and minimum bets – many of them from just 1p a line. In order to help you with this we have placed the minimum bet in local currency for each game in its respective lobby.

    29. What happens if I set up my account using other currencies like EUR or AUD?

    All our promotions/prizes are advertised in GBP but should you choose any other currencies when setting up your account, any prizes, winnings, cash value will be paid in the currency of your account.

    30. Why can I not play the slot games?

    Slot games can only be played by players who have made a real money deposit on their account and have funds available to do so. Once you have made your first deposit you will be able to enjoy all our slot games and could be our next big winner!



    31. What should I do if I become disconnected?

    Sometimes on mobile devices connection can be a little patchy. While we make every effort to ensure that our games are stable you may occasionally experience technical difficulties. Should you see a disconnection message please click “OK” to reconnect.

    If problems persist, please contact our Support Team who is available to help 24/7.

    32. What happens if I lose connection during a slot game?

    Should you lose connection to our gaming server during a game it will refresh your credit balance with the outcome of the bet. This means you will never lose out on a win.

    33. What happens if I lose connection during a bingo game?

    Should you lose connection during a bingo game and you cannot re-connect to the room, any subsequent winnings resulting from the game will be automatically credited to your account. This is because the game will continue to run on the gaming server and not on your mobile device.



    34. What is Kitty Club?

    The Kitty Club is an exclusive loyalty club where we reward our players each and every day for choosing to play with us. The moment you join Kitty Bingo you start climbing the Kitty Club VIP levels – Newbie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby and Emerald – to collect amazing perks we’re sure you can’t get anywhere else: Free spins…check! Free cards…check! Much more… check! Head on over to the Kitty Club now for full details and start enjoying your benefits today!

    35. What are Loyalty Points and how can I redeem them?

    Loyalty points are loyalty points – the more you play, the more Loyalty Points you will earn. Every time you buy a bingo card, play on a slot, or try your luck on a scratch card you will earn Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points are sometimes called bonus points too because you can convert your points into bonus money to play bingo with! Redeeming your points is easy, once you have 1,000 (the equivalent of £1) or more head over to the “My Account” page and click “Convert Points”. Desktop users may also convert points in the Freebies section to the right of the screen when in a bingo room.

    36. What is Lifelong Cash Back and how can I claim it?

    Sometimes lady luck is just not on your side so when this happens, we’ll always give you a minimum of 5% cashback. How much cashback you receive each week is based on your VIP level and your losses throughout the week. All you need to do to earn your cashback is play bingo and slots as normal then on Friday head to My Account and hit the Claim button. You have 7 days to claim your cash back before it expires. Check out here how much you’ll get!

    37. How do I increase my VIP level and is it worth it?

    At Kitty Bingo we think of all of our players as VIPs. That’s why we’ve created Kitty Club – there are rewards for everyone! Take a look at our Kitty Club page for more information and to see what additional rewards a new level will unlock – trust us, it’s well worth climbing the loyalty ladder!